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Beautiful Karst mountains and caves in Guilin

Guilin is famed as the most scenic place under Heaven for its dramatically shaped Karst hills, fantastic caves, and limpid water. Visitors from all over the world are impressed and inspired by its beautiful landscape, and wonder how Mother Nature has created such a wonderful land.

In geographic terms, Karst Topography is a landscape shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite . South China is a major Karst area in the world, and Guilin is the most typical and rare example of Karst Topography in terms of its scale and uniqueness.

Nine Hhorses Fresco Hill along Li River Karst Hills lining the Li RiverGuilin area was a gulf several hundred million years ago. Salty sea water kept dissolving and wearing off the limestone layers, and slowly developed the original shapes of Guilin’s hills under water. In the movement of the earth’s crust, the sea gave way to the land. Then about another 70 million years had passed, with the help of the natural elements of wind, rains, and rivers above and under ground, the isolated limestone peaks and fantastic stalagmite caves of Guilin have been developed.

Guilin is rich with rivers, and the water is limpid like mirrors reflecting the beautiful Karst hills. The Li River passing across the region is the soul of Guilin’s natural beauty. The great Tang Dynasty poet Han Yu (768-824) was deeply inspired when cruising down the Li River of Guilin, and wrote down a famous line “the river winds like a green silk ribbon, while the hills are like jade hairpins”.

Reed Flute Cave in Guilin A famous Li River scene on 20 RMB bank noteSome of the famous Karst hills and caves in Guilin:

Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin. It is located where the Peach Blossom River merges with the Li River. The hill is a prime example of Karst rock formations. The hill’s shape resembles an elephant drinking from the Li River. There are many scenic spots located near the Elephant Trunk Hill. Visitors can hire small bamboo rafts to take them around the hill.

Nine Horse Nine Fresco Hill

The cliff face of Nine Horse Nine Fresco Hill has natural images of what appeared to be a group of horses. Variegated in yellow and white, dark and light, the horses assume a variety of poses. Legend says that if a person can point out all the nine horses on the precipice, she or he would be the winner of the next Imperial Examination.

A scenery on the 20 RMB Chinese Bank Note

When the river takes a big turn at Xingping, the scenery on the 20 Yuan note shows up: the beautiful landscape, the country scenery and verdant bamboo greeting you all the way along the river in breeze, and fishermen floating by on bamboo rafts with their cormorants.

Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill has its half standing in the river and the other half perching on land. The river waters are blocked by the hill and eddied, creating wavelets, hence the name – Subduing Wave Hill (literally means the waters has been subdued by the hill).

Reed Flute Cave

What make Reed Flute Cave so marvelous are the stalactites, stalagmites, and columns that can be found inside the cave. While walking through the cave, visitors feel like they are being transported to different environments. Some sections seem like a forest of crystal trees, while others seem like underground mountain ranges and even cities.

Crown Cave

Crown Cave is a 12 km deep huge stalagmite cave system. The cave tour starts from taking a sightseeing elevator down the 36 meters high cave hall, followed with a walking tour, a boating tour through an underground river, and a railway tour in the cave.

Best Hotel in Paota Jodhpur

Rajasthan is one among the foremost common business enterprise state of India and nevertheless one among the poorest state with low capita financial gain and low attainment rate in girls. Rajasthan is known for his culture & Heritage business enterprise. Most of the palaces and forts and Havelis ar reborn in to the deposit or a luxury building to draw in a lot of tourists.

Jodhpur, once the investment of the previous princely condition of Marwar, is currently the second biggest city of Rajasthan. Flanked on its european facet by the Mehrangarh bastion, and on the southern facet by the stately arenaceous rock Structure of Umaid Bhawan; the historical monuments line or temples and landscapes of Jodhpur illustrate a multi-faceted magnificence. Damdama Lake

Jodhpur is well connected with main metropolitan areas by road, rail and air. Jodhpur has associate degree aerodrome placed 5 kilometres from the most town and possesses regular flight services to metropolis, Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur. Jodhpur rail network arrives under it of the North Western Zone and it’s connected with all the railroad cities of India. The buses of RSRTC and personal luxury automobiles connect this with vital near  cities.

A Blue town, Jodhpur is one among the most effective town having heritage forts, Haveli, and palaces. The famed places to go to in jodhpur ar Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur fruit bat, Jaswant Thada, tower and previous town Markets, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mandore and Mandore Gardens, Balsamand Lake, Kailana Lake, Ghanta Ghar etc.

There ar differing kinds of building in jodhpur for holidaymaker and that they will be classified as heritage hotels, 5 star hotels and budget hotels.

The food here is typical of Rajasthan with flavors and selection of spices with their aromas intact. The food is really the most attraction for several travelers United Nations agency want to do one thing new and distinctive. Day Picnic Near Delhi

The building at the Paota Jodhpur named building Omni plaza is that the Best building of jodhpur. Omni Plaza is standard for his or her talent at making ready mouth watering Indian feeder delicacies accompanied  with entertaining  ancient music and dance. to not be outdone ar the numerous outdoors restaurants in Jodhpur that provides a perspective of town whereas providing a luxurious Thali.

So now if you wish to treat your family with a vacation than visit building omni plaza for Jodhpur travel because the splendor of this stunning town can leave you awe stricken on your journey and you and your family can take back reminiscences of time period. in spite of everything wherever ever you travel in Jodhpur the places of attraction can leave you utterly dumb supported with its first-class beauty it displays.

Why do people travel?

Why do people travel?

Before we can understand why people travel, you have to understand the meaning and how its separate from vacationing. The meaning of travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations for any reason and for any length of time, without or with any way of transport. Travel can also include relatively short stops between successive movements. Movements between locations that require only a few minutes are not considered as travel. As an activity, “travel” also covers all the activities executed during a travel (movement). Travel could be international, regional, national (also domestic), or local. In various countries, non local internal travel might require an internal passport, and international travel usually requires a visa and passport.

Most people travel for business, commuting, to visit people, for tourism, recreational purposes, exercise, migration, and other numerous reasons. There are many ways travel may happen by human powered transport like bicycling, walking, or vehicles, such as public or private transport, trains, airplanes, boats, and automobiles.

A round trip is a certain type of in which a person moves from her/his usual residence to one or several locations and returns back to residence. A trip can also be considered a part of a round trip. Now the meaning of vacation is a leave of absence from a regular occupation, or you could say a specific journey or trip, for the purpose of several tourism or recreation. Most of the time a vacation is taken during a specific holiday, or celebrations, or festivals. Vacations or holidays are often spent/celebrated with family or friends.

Over a billion people travel a year whether it is for personal or business. The actual word “travel” is related to journeys or the activity of making journeys. So how many of those billion plus people actually travel for vacation? The estimation is between 50 million to 200 million people each year travel for vacation. Why do people take vacations? For a lot of reasons and any reason just to get away from the ordinary everyday situation. Everybody needs a break or vacation to relax, but the “million dollar question” is where would you travel when you take a vacation?

Baja Sea of Cortez

The islands of the Sea of Cortez contain striking natural beauty in a dramatic setting formed by rugged islands with high cliffs and sandy beaches, which contrast with the brilliant reflection from the desert and the surrounding turquoise waters.

Marina CostaBaja is nestled in La Paz, Baja California Sur Mexico; in the heart of one of the most talked about and sought after destinations in the world; the Sea of Cortez. Offers the perfect blend of Baja kayaking, hiking, snorkeling and diving. Abundant wildlife, massive whales, sunny weather and warm, crystalline waters make the Sea of Cortez in Loreto Bay National Marine Park one of the best winter sea kayaking and whale watching destinations in North America.

This winter escape the freezing cold to visit the 550 acre master planned community of CostaBaja. The property offers a wide spectrum of activities from relaxing on the beach to swimming with hammer head sharks. With the worlds current economic impact travel and lifestyle plans have changed perspectives these past few years; quality of life has changed.

Absolutely, do your due diligence while staying at CostaBaja’s 5 star Resort and Spa, enjoy the par 72 Signature Gary Player Golf Course with 14 of the 18 holes featuring sea views. Make the most of your opportunity to view guided property tours; CostaBaja is honored to present each custom spaciously designed home that will meet and exceed your expectations of living on the Sea of Cortez, in La Paz, Mexico.

There is current slip availability at Marina CostaBaja for vessels 30 ft. to 50 ft.  The 250 prime slips are constructed by state of the art concrete docks; accommodating vessels ranging from 30 ft. up to 220 ft.; a premiere double-basin marina facing a variety of water front restaurants and first-class amenities.  The in house management is lead by dock master Gabriel Ley and his experience maritime savvy marina staff. Marina CostaBaja is one of the safest marina’s in Mexico with 24 hours on site security at the marina and through out the entire CostaBaja property.

Beaches of Odessa Ukraine. Odessa Travel Guide

Odessa’s beach, which actually is made up of several beaches running some 40 km or more, possesses a sea wall and small-scale eating and drinking establishments. Below please find a mini guide to main beaches of Odessa:

Arkadia (or Arcadia) Beach

Arcadia (Arkadia) is not central located beach (about a 15 minute ride from the center). It’s the largest, the most developed and the most expensive beach of Odessa. The main entrance is clearly labeled by two pillars holding an Arkadia sign. Behind the sign is a long, shaded boulevard which boasts dozens of entertainment options. Along this path, you will also notice dozens of cafes, restaurants and kiosks. After about a 200 meter walk you’ll see a nightclub “Ibiza” which sits slights before the entrance to the beach. From here you can choose to either go downstairs onto the main Arkadia (Arcadia) beach or take a left or a right and choose numerous surrounding stretches of sand that all fall within Arkadia’s premises. Night clubs “Itaka”, “Akapulko”, “Assol”, “Pago” and “Stereo” are located in Arcadia (Arkadia).

Otrada Beach

Steep walk downhill is required to access most of Odessa beaches. However, this is not the case with Otrada Beach which is known by constructed cable cars. You may take one of these cable cars down to the water. Enjoy the beautiful view of coast from atop of the ride. Otrada Beach consists of numerous small beaches – almost all of which are fully equipped with bars, waiter service, changing rooms, showers, kid play rooms and various other facilities. Some of the more popular beaches / night clubs here are Riviera and Treasure Island. Here you can also try out Wind Surfing or Jet Skiing.

Lanzeron Beach.

Lanzheron is central located Odessa beach (about a 15 minute walk from Deribasovskaya Street) and the most preferred by tourists. Located next to Park Schevchenko, one can enjoy the greenery of the park and take a dip in the warm Black Sea at the same time. Lanzheron Beach stretches over many different beaches, each with its own unique Odessa flavor. Some are fully equipped while others were left alone in their natural state. There are even numerous water slides available for your entertainment along the water, just in case you get bored while in Odessa. If you get bored, you can visit a large newly built Dolphinarium which will also allow you to either watch a show or swim with the dolphins. Other popular entertainment options include Jet Ski Rentals, speed boat rides and various other water related activities.

Delphin (or Dolphin) Beach

Delphin (Dolphin) Beach is located just further south of Lanzheron and Otrada beaches. Few minute walk down the steep stairs brings to all of Delphin (Dolphin) beach. The sand quality on this beach is one of the better ones in Odessa. Overall clean quality beach and relatively great service make this a recommended summer visit on a hot summer day while in Odessa Ukraine.

Luzanovka Beach.

Luzanovka is not central located beach (about a 15 minute ride from the city center). Few years ago it was one of the backward beaches of Odessa. Today it makes competition to Arkadia (or Arcadia) Beach. Night Clubs “Nirvana”, “Vzmorye”, “Gofstream” and beach club “Malibu” are located here. Here you can try out Wind Surfing, diving or Jet Skiing.

Fountain Beach (Bolshoy Fontan or Chaika).

This Odessa beach, which is located just south of Arkadia (Arcadia) is a standard beach offering various facilities, and small cafes alongside. Most beaches offer surprisingly good food options along with full bar servings.

Cost of Overland Yacht Transport


The number one question that gets asked about yacht transport is how much does it cost? Well I have written this article to help everyone looking to transport their yacht or boat get an idea how much yacht transport might cost. Keep in mind that other fees can apply so its best to call Gulf Express International and get your free quote. At Gulf Express International our yacht and boat transport cost are the most competitive, comprehensive, and affordable in the boat transport business .

The first thing people will say is ” I want a cheap rate to transport my boat or yacht.” Well believe it or not the cheapest rate is not going to be your best bet. Yes you will be saving money on transport cost but keep in mind that cheaper cost means cheap service. If you read some of the forums online where people have used a cheap yacht transport company you will see complaints ranging from scratches in the paint to broken parts and even missing parts. Yes your insurance will cover it but do you really want to go through the hassle of waitng for repairs. Here at Gulf Express International we promise to handle your vessel with the proper care and provide you a competitive price at the same time.

Yacht transport cost can vary depending on size,weight and how far you will need your vessel transported. The first thing every company will ask you is the place of origin and the destination. Well let me correct myself, the first question almost all yacht transport companies ask is where the boat is and where is it going. We here at Gulf Express International believe in excellent customer service so our first question will be “Whom am I speaking with”? We  believe that it is very friendly and professional to get to know who we are speaking with first.

The biggest factor in the pricing of yacht transport is the height,width and weight. Over sized vessels require a escort and also the transporter has to take special routes because of weight and height restrictions. In some cases over land transport of over height vessels require them to be shipped by barge beacuse of clearance issues. A way to save money is with type of equipment used. For example, your boat could be a borderline height limit. You could call one carrier and your load would cost $10,000, yet contact another just as qualified carrier and the load is only $7,500. The reason for the lesser amount from a carrier just as qualified is because they have special low profile trailers which would put your boat under the height requirement, removing the need for costly permits and possibly fewer escorts.

This may sound like common sense, but take serious heed. If you have a 20′ power boat on a new trailer, you can pretty much get away with any qualified transport company. But, if you have a 38′ sail boat, be sure the transport company you hire has dealt with such a load. There are many boat transport companies who’s main business are the smaller loads, or even large power boats, but the big boats require special loading and handling.
Keep in mind that when you speak to a sales represenative they will explain to you all the details of the cost to transport your yacht or boat.

Next comes where the boat is and where it is going. Although mileage doesnt play a huge factor in cost it does however have a role in the cost. Like what was posted earlier, over sized loads will require a  special route and also an escort. Some states require that you have a police excort along with the normal excort. Check with one of our representives for more information on escorts. With overwight vessels, they will require a barge to transport them because of weight restrictions. I know we have all seen those road signs that say maximum weight limit is so and so.

In conclusion overland transport can be not only a hassle saver but it also can be resonably priced. If you ever have any questions feel free to check out our website and look at our information. We provide you with a fast quote on all your yacht transport needs.

What Factors to Consider in Any Hotel Package You Choose


As a regular traveler, you appreciate the role ideal hotel accommodationplays in making your visits enjoyable. No matter how fantastic a destination, poor choice of lodgings ruins everything for your family.
In every city, there are hundreds of establishments each with a unique blend of offers. When inundated with such a wide range of deals, making the wrong decision is easy. This is one of the main reasons you need to be cautious if at all you intend to enjoy your vacation or business trip.
Here are some factors to consider before buying a hotel package.
1.    What is Included?
One of the greatest blunders a traveler can make is to pick a deal without scrutinizing everything that is included. For instance, most deals will have accommodation, complimentary meals, breakfast, day trips and flight connection, among other features. You need to go for the deal that best suits your needs.
As such, start with a checklist of your needs and compare it with what is being offered. Some of the amenities and services to look for include Wi-Fi, fitness center and sport facilities, among other exquisite services.
2.    Go for Value
With so many offerings, there are opportunities for discounted rates, bargains and other cost-savings.  As such, look for the most ideal establishments in a specific destination by reading travel reviews. Start shortening your list by looking for the one that offers more value based on all inclusive.
3.    Versatility and Flexibility
When you travel, you must ensure everyone in your entourage gets the best out of the package you pick. For instance, if you are travelling with family, then go for one that offers a family-friendly atmosphere including privacy, room service and laundry among other family-oriented benefits.

When travelling on business, you need less space, and the perfect hotel accommodationpackage will see to it that you have services such as Wi-Fi to keep in touch. It is also important to look at the policy if, for instance, you have a pet to ensure this is allowed. In essence, the best deal must dovetail your needs.
4.    Location and Activities
It is tempting to go for a deal that offers a lot but the bottom-line should always be the location. There is no need of going for a facility offering tickets to the stadium yet you will be attending a busy conference in the city.
Location must always guide your choice of accommodation in every destination you wish to visit next. Moreover, lookout for extras that will enhance your stay such as theatre tickets, among other benefits.
5.    Rating
Before picking any lodgings, check out the rating. You can easily do this online in a few clicks. Reading online expert reviews and testimonials also goes a long way in ensuring you stay in a fascinating environment.
It is also important to consider the cost of the hotel package before choosing the most ideal. Well, if you are ready to travel, it is time to start looking for that perfect accommodation deal.

Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation – Ensuring safe and continuous connectivity always

HRTC – History and Importance

The Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation was founded during 1958 was founded by the Governments of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, along with the joint collaboration with the Railways. It was initially named Mandi – Kullu Road Transport Corporation. It was during 2nd October 1974 that the Government Transport of Himachal Pradesh was merged along with this corporation. This resulted in the organisation that we know today as Himachal Road Transport Corporation. Today, buses have totally dominated the means of transport, as railways have a negligible presence in the organisation today.

Safety of passengers

Passenger safety is given utmost importance here as the drivers of the buses are professionally trained. Drivers are trained on emergency procedures and how to respond in case of unfortunate events. If drivers are found guilty of committing any illegal actions during driving, they are given the strictest punishment possible by the authorities of Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation. The buses are designed after taking into consideration all the safety processes and controls. The seats are luxurious and have enough leg-space between the seats. Long-distance buses have fully reclining chairs so that passengers do not face any discomfort during their travel.

Online Tickets booking

With the advent of technology, HRTC has launched online booking service for its passengers. One needs to have a user id and password in order to login to the official portal of HRTC’s website. Once they select the date of journey, number of passengers, origin and destination station, they have a list of buses to choose from. They can choose buses based on the availability of bus tickets in that particular sector. This service has been designed for the utmost comfort of its passengers because online booking saves a lot of time and effort for them.

Fare structure of HRTC

The HRTC fare structure varies based on the various kinds of buses operated by the state’s road transport corporation and the duration of the journey covered. The fares are quite transparent and flexible. Passengers will not be charged any hidden costs and they only pay what they see. The fares are several notches higher in super deluxe buses or luxury buses when compared to normal buses, because the comforts offered are also many here.

The HRTC fare structureis available for passengers on the internet. There are various concessions available for students, senior citizens, differently abled passengers, etc. The buses have different facilities like television, centralised air-conditioning, first-aid boxes, reclining facilities, cushion facilities etc. No fares are charged for kids who are aged below 5 years. Kids aged between 5 and 12 years will be charged half the fare in all the buses except the air-conditioned buses.

There are various discount schemes operated by HRTC like the Group discount scheme, Yellow card scheme and Smart card scheme. In the group discount scheme, passengers who are travelling as a group of 10 people are entitled to a 10% discount. In the second scheme, smart card holders are eligible for a 10% concession of the fare. In the third scheme, yellow card holders are eligible for a 20% discount for journey within 40km radius from the place where the smart card was purchased.

The road transport of Himachal Pradesh has revolutionised the road transport in Himachal Pradesh, with its wider range of connectivity. They operate Volvo, Ordinary, Deluxe and other special buses during special occasions or festivals. The e-tickets can be booked within a time frame of 4 hours before the actual departing time from the origin station. Similarly, cancellation too can be done 4 hours before the departure time from the origin station, if the passengers need to qualify for a refund. Once tickets are cancelled after the bus has departed from the first station, passengers will not be liable for any refund. Both the booking and cancellation procedures can be done within seconds through the online method.

Kuta Bali Beach – Your Vacation Guide

Bali, which is located in Indonesia, has many different beaches. One of the most popular beaches is Kuta Beach. Beautiful Kuta Beach is the perfect destination for a Kuta holiday filled with Kuta surf, Kuta shopping and even Kuta clubs for those seeking out party Kuta. There are many luxurious hotels Kuta that you can choose from while you enjoy your stay. Of course, there is plenty of swimming in Kuta and there are Kuta life guards stationed at various areas on Kuta Beach. If you are feeling particularly daring during your trip, you can take Kuta surf lessons from a professional surfer and really expand your Kuta holiday experience.

Beautiful Kuta beach is most definitely the place you want to go for nightlife. If you really want to party Kuta, then you will find what you are looking for at Kuta clubs. Nightlife here does not start until around 11 p.m. or later, so you have plenty of time to rest up from your day spent in the Kuta surf. There are clubs that have live bands and DJs, while other Kuta clubs have dancers and even some fashion shows. No matter what scene you are into, party Kuta has something for you and, compared to other places in Bali, partying in Kuta is far more affordable.

If you are looking for Kuta shopping, then you will have plenty of places to choose from when trying to find the perfect souvenirs for your Kuta holiday. It does not matter if you want to find local fashion or the trendiest trinkets, Kuta shopping has everything you need. There are many small shops that line the beach as well as a shopping mall to satisfy all of your Kuta shopping needs.

If you are wondering about the restaurants that Kuta Beach has to offer, there are plenty of choices to choose from there as well. After a day spent in the Kuta surf, you can relax at a five-star restaurant that serves anything from local to foreign cuisine. If price is a factor for you on your Kuta holiday, there are plenty of lower end restaurants and even some fast food restaurants like KFC and A&W that serve American food. Most restaurants in Kuta Beach stay open until around midnight and there are even a few that are open 24 hours a day. So, no matter what time you feel hungry, there is bound to be something open to satisfy your hunger during your vacation at beautiful Kuta Beach.

Visit The Enchanting Ajanta And Ellora Caves

India is a famous tourist destination throughout world with its natural beauty and world class architectural marvels. From Mughal forts and palaces to British buildings, it has everything which you want to see. It is known and visited for caves also. Like Ajanta and Ellora caves India has many other caves also. Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Bagh Caves, Belum Caves, Edakkal Caves, Bhimbetka rock shelters, Kaviyoor, Krem Liat Prah, Borra Caves, Narthamalai, Robber’s Cave, Barabar Caves are some other caves in the country. Ajanta Ellora caves tours happen to be some of the most exciting and inspirational india tour packages.

The famous Ajanta and Ellora caves are located near the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. They have been cut out of rock. All the caves have been made by hand. They are amongst some of the most outstanding specimens of ancient Indian architectural heritage. There are 34 caves at Ellora and 29 caves at Ajanta. In 1819, while on a hunting expedition, John Smith, a British Army Officer, accidentally stumbled upon the caves. Till then they were remained unimportant for over a millennium. Ajanta has been designated as a World Heritage Site. It has to be preserved as an artistic legacy that will come to inspire and enrich the lives of generations to come.

Ajanta caves have been made by simple tools like hammer and chisel. It was monks who carved out the impressive figures on the walls of these structures. Many of the caves house panels depict stories from the tales of the several incarnations of the Buddha, Jatakas. Caves are portrayed with images of nymphs and princesses amongst others. Some of the caves at Ellora have images from the Buddhist and Hindu faith. They are under the same roof. Hindu images are dedicated to Vishwakarma, the patron saint of Indian craftsmen. The Vishvakarma cave has a seated Buddha placed in the stupa. The two storied structure show a colourful carnival of dwarfs, dancing and making music.

Package Tour to Aurangabad is a special tour to visit Ajanta and Ellora caves. For four days and three nights you will see Aurangabad. Ajanta and Ellora are in Aurangabad which was named after the Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb. This city of the World Heritage Sites is along the right bank of the Kham River. This tour offers visitors all the modern comforts and amenities. In the tour, you will have several luxury and budget hotels. Also during this shopping centres and banks are the place to visit. Three museums housing the art treasures of the region, the Sunheri Mahal Museum, the University Museum and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum can be visited. Ajanta and Ellora caves tour is another tour to visit the sites. In the duration of six days and five nights you will go through Mumbai and Aurangabad then back to Mumbai and tour will conclude. You will visit the heritage sites. With comfort and luxury facilities the visit will be a memorable one. There are many other tours in budget and luxury category. Plan a trip and take one of these tours. Visit Ajanta and Ellora caves and explore the craft of human ability.

India is not only a place of diversity in culture but a basket of human architecture work along with natural beauty. Inhabited since its inception India is known for the art and craft of workers who build places like Ajanta and Ellora caves.

Agra – Hotel Choices and Travel Tips

The bustling and noisy city of Agra often named as one of the must see places on earth, not because of its busy streets, hawker infested markets or constant mayhem but because at its heart Agra holds the greatest symbol of love, the Taj Mahal. Made as a tribute to his wife Mumtaz, who died in childbirth, by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Named one of the busiest tombs in the world, the majestic mirage that stands to exemplify love is an attraction for both local and global travellers. An average of up to 60,000 tourist visit the tomb daily.

There may be many sonnets on the beauty of the Taj mahal but none compares to seeing it in its real glory. The Taj in perfect lightning, pink at dawn and dusk, and a stunning silver by night is one of its kind. The Taj is not the standalone attraction of Agra, many tombs and mausoleums from the Mughal era adorned the city.

When to travel?

The best time to visit the majestic Taj is mainly after the harsh Indian monsoons around October and until mid-March, before the start of summer heat. The tourist spots may see an influx of people during the long Diwali holidays when the local tourist are on their vacations.

Before you travel.

Travelling unprepared is not recommended. Before you, leave home be sure to do your Hotel booking in Agra. Bookings can be made through the various websites or travel companies that are available for your ease, reviews for each hotel in Agra is available from five star hotels in Agra, luxury hotel in Agra or even motels and small bed and breakfast in the city. Many of them offer pickups from the airport to ease the transit for their guests.

For International visitor a valid Indian visa is required to enter the country. Domestic tourist have no such needs and can travel through the domestic routes via buses or private cars.

Tourist often opt for the ‘golden triangle tour’ which includes Agra with the Taj being the chief attraction, Rajasthan with its mesmerising array of palaces and forts, and the capital Delhi where the vast Red Fort, the Jama Masjid mosque, the towering Qutb Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and Fatehpur Sikri. These tours are available for private and group bookings.

Taking a tour.

Private and group tours are available on a daily basis, which do all your bookings, include sightseeing and even meals. The tour guides are multi lingual due to the popularity of the Taj with international tourist.


When booking a hotel online you can chose from the best five star hotels in agra and luxury hotels in Agra, to other low budget options, which is the main defining expenditure in your stay in Agra. Other expense of commute and shopping are fairly lower in competitive bazars where bargaining is often easy. Food is available easily and in a variety to treat your taste buds.

The journey to the mysterious Agra that stands on the bend of vivacious Yamuna River is one you will cherish for a lifetime. So pack your bags and be prepared to be mesmerized.

Red Sea Dive Locations

The red is labelled as the prime scuba diving location on the face of the planet as the diversity of aquatic wildlife, corals and underwater landscapes are vast, varied and tremendously exotic.

Scuba diving is a leisure sports mostly take by tourists on their holidays, but many see it as a passion and travel the world over to experience different types of dives.  The Red Sea isn’t the only region where you can scuba dive other popular regions include the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean as they both also offer splendid aquatic wildlife, and warm clear waters, and stunning coral reefs but in comparison nothing really can compete with the red sea when it comes to scuba diving as the variety of dive locations are so outstandingly diverse.

Abu Nuhas is probably the most renowned dive site in the entire red sea, also known as the “ships grave yard”, it’s viewed as mecca to dive enthusiasts which diving pilgrimages to the site all year round to discover the ultimate dive experience the world has on offer.

Due to rough sea conditions it is rather hard to moor here but nautical experts have found a way using modern day equipment to keep a vessel moored behind the barrier of a small coral reef which acts as a shield from the gruesome waves which once bought the sunken ships to their submerged settlings. In totals there are five ships which have sunk in close proximity of each other and when combined form the boat’s grave yard.

Red Sea Shark Diving

This diagram shows the location of the sunken ships which have collided into the reef in a  8 year time lapse of each other (the Seastar which isn’t listed in the diagram is found 90 meters deeper to the eastern side of the reef)

The Seastar

Probably the least visited dive wreck in the grave yard as she’s sunken to a great depth of 89meters which makes the dive a challenge for even the most experiences of divers.  Many people even query the fact if she’s even there but people have made the elongated journey to the murky depth to scavenge her goods.

Kimon M

a 3,200 tonne cargo vessel which is popular among divers sunk after colliding full speed into the north east corner of the Abu Nuhas reef, at the time she was carrying 4000+ tonnes of lentils which were mostly salvaged when she was left standing on the reef before collapsing on her starboard side and sinking.  In this area you’ll mostly find huge schools of exotic fish not but much of the a vessel to dive as she’s been eroded by the harsh unforgiving sea.

Chrisoula K

Also known as the “tile wreck” for obvious reasons, she lays 28meters at the stern and only a few meters at the bow from the surface of the water, she sank on the 31st August 1981 and is usually the first site inexperienced divers will explore.


The first ship to sink in the area was the carnatic which dropped its hull of over £400,000 worth of gold; she lays 22m below the water’s surface and has become the ideal habitat for all variations of aquatic wildlife, a must visit when diving the ships graveyard!

Giannis D

Also known as the wood wreck its cargo mostly consisted of softwood, she always 24meter below the water’s surface at the stern and is a terrific dive spot which once again holds a glorious array of aquatic wildlife from Sea turtles to reef sharks.

On your red sea diving holidays I strongly recommend you take a journey to the Abu Nuhas dive site and discover a unique diving experience like none you’ll ever find anywhere else in the world.

Information On Expert Cave Explorers

What is something about caves that invites people to come in? There’s really something in it that is very fascinating especially for people who love adventure, for people who are fond of exploration, such people call themselves cave explorers or “spelunkers.” Oftentimes, these people pursue courses and even a degree in cave exploration. When they graduate, they are usually called as ‘speleologists’ or ‘cave scientists’ or the more common term, professional cave explorers.

Why are caves explored?

Caves are large underground openings in rocks. It’s usually structured by rock formations such as stalagmites and stalactites, flowstones, columns and draperies.

Basically, caves or caverns are explored for research. Cave scientists study its wonder. They are mainly concerned with the geologic formations as well living things that reside within. Some spelunkers also do cave mapping.

Some explorers consider caving as a sport or recreational hobby. While others, like those who just pass the caves, consider passing as a great opportunity and experience as they take pictures and while enjoying the alluring landscape it possess.

Caves can also be considered as a natural shelter. In prehistoric times, cavers or cave explorers already existed. They were known as the “cave dwellers”. They used to live in caves, as it was evidenced thousands of years ago with artistically made paintings on walls. This would be one of the reasons why modern cavers take the risk of visiting even the most dangerous caves because of the priceless beauty.
Who Are The Professional Cave Explorers?

Professional cave explorers are people who have the deepest desire to discover caves. Study its geological formations both for self-satisfaction as well as for science contribution.

One of the 1st professional cavers was Warren Netherton. He was considered a caver since 1984 when he attempted to arrange maps of several caves. He has also inventoried and surveyed algae inhabitants and has developed a plan for the restoration of certain caves.

In the following year 1985, Jim Nepstad developed the 1st automated cave map of Wind Cave National Park. His work was considered as the 1st management plan in the area.

Some explorers like Peter Jones had no formal education regarding professional caving. However, through experience, he was one of the greatest contributors of science such that he was able to recognize the distinctive structure of caves.

Some other famous cavers have vast contributions would be Maurizio Montalbini, a sociologist, and Mr. Roger Brucker.

Enjoy the Fascinating Coastal Sea Beaches in Italy

Some of the path breaking and fascinating tour of Italy and it nearby places will bring excellent and enjoyable outing if you want to spend your quality time with your friends and family. The emerging popularity for tour and travel has increased number of visitor shows tremendous buzz in the nearby areas of Italy. It is worth a visit of ultimate fun destination for many reasons. The increment rise of tourist who are over the years spend their holiday outing to  explore and experience  the great excursion trip that  brings this place more compelling and exciting . Italy is known for its seashore and awesome fun destination that can captivate tourist to come and witness the extravagant coastal beaches and indulge with various outdoor activities to enhance and feel the excitement of being part of ultimate popular destination .Some of Italy best summer tour engage tour lover to spend their leisure time and italy amalfi coast toursis one of the most anticipate tour destination that you can imagine. The natural beautiful environment with coastal beaches will definitely bring lots of cheer and the sightseeing tour of amalfi will capture the feel of your tour more engaging. To be precise, the beautiful sea beach along with shore excursion will certainly make your trip a wonderful experience from an individual point of view.  The glorious sightseeing and touch of elegance are some of the major highlights tour in this part of world. You can explore the country site amazing coastal beaches that encourage crazy traveller to venture into the sea with lot of adventure and the summer days, is perfect time for sea shore excursion that bring the tour a spellbound and highly preferred inevitable in the context of higher eventful tour experience.

To engage in the sea beaches for your summer days will definitely boost you to excel and venture into the sea with the anticipation that shore excursions naples tour make the precious outing in a commendable way. The beautiful surrounding sea beaches in this tropical island of Italy has immensely popular due to  fast emerging  shore excursion that have encouraged  tourist to explore the path breaking   natural  sea beaches that are captivating many people over the years. The hind sights of spectacular beaches are one of the most looked after places to explore in this part of the region.  With the help of local guide, you can safely commence your shore excursion   with lots of enthusiasm.

You trip will not be compelling and engaging, if you not experience of pompeii amalfi coast tour. The eventful   tour of  amalfi and its nearby places has engaged every tourist and their positive response shows the world that this place of Italy is truly  redefine fascinating example of outstanding hospitality and one of the awesome fun destination that set the pompeil amlfi coast tour a must visit to travel lover.

Volunteer at Playa Matapalo Sea Turtle Project in Costa Rica

ASVO is a non-profit NGO which places volunteers in Costa Rica’s national parks and protected areas. ASVO’s objective is to improve the conditions and amount of volunteer work performed at a national and international level. ASVO places volunteers in national parks and other areas protected by the Ministry of Environment and Energy all over the country. The Matapalo Sea Turtle project needs volunteers to help protect the sea turtle nesting area of Playa Mata Palo, to help increase the number of sea turtles nesting successfully on the beach and the number of hatchlings which survive. Playa Matapalo is located 1 kilometre from the community of the same name and extends for 12km. The area protects a variety of marine life, including marine turtles, crabs, and fish, as well as a number of reptiles.

The most important activity of the park is the protection of the eggs of marine turtles and release of the baby turtles.

Volunteers must be of age 22 or above with minimum education of high school. This placement does not need any volunteers in the month of Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr and May.

Volunteers with the following special skills are preferred for the placement:-

Forestry Environmental Science Biology Data Collection Hiking Volunteers can assist by doing following tasks:-

From June 1 to November 30: 1. Construction of the breeding grounds. 2. Beach signaling. 3. Patrol walks to protect nests, females and for data collection purposes(Biometry, marking, etc.) 4. Transfer of nests and monitoring of the breeding grounds. From December 1 to December 31: 1. Registry of breeding ground information. 2. Liberation of newborn turtles. 3. Nest exhumation. From June 1 to December 31: 1. Maintenance and construction of infrastructure. 2. Beach cleaning. 3. Community projection.

Minibus travel for a safe form of transport

Coach and minibus travel is statistically one of the safest forms of transport available. This is also seen very much as a common form of transport, used by thousands of people across the UK. It is also seen as perfect for serving the requirements of large scale group travel across short and long distances. No matter where in the UK you may be based, you can also be sure of being able to find and hire a firm for this type of transport service. There are also firms able to offer such services tailored to specific types of levels of budgets.

Good for larger trips or events, a good quality minibus can make a travel experience and excursion all the more pleasurable. Advice on minibuses, seatbelts and transport can be found on all of the top minibus hire firm websites and can be a good way of making sure you hire from the ideal service provider. Minibus Hire provides minibus and coach transportation to accommodate small and large group travel in a flexible and overall highly effective manner. Minibuses are an ideal form of transportation for students or even general day to day visitors looking to go to a day to day type of event.

Most firms ensure the adequate supply of good quality, safe minibuses, multi person vehicles and cars at competitive prices. Qualified minibus drivers are eligible to drive MPVs, but not vice versa. If you may in any way feel a little unsure as to who is driving the minibus, check up the drivers credentials and from here you can make sure you are in safe hands. There are a lot of firms who do not operate correctly, so if unsure ask to see the relevant documentation.

Whilst on hire, a minibus can only be driven by someone who is on the register of VOSPA drivers. Make sure you look also when looking at a firm and choosing a firm as to whether they are VAT registered. Here you can see how genuine the firm is and how trustworthy they may be in hiring them as your minibus hire provider. You need to literally look at this as being an investment and you need to make sure you hire the best and safest option of all. After all, it is likely you will not know the driver so make sure you pull out all the stops to make sure you have the best overall minibus hire service set in place.

View Sea Creatures In Their Natural Habitats

It is no wonder that Sea World tickets are so popular for Southern California visitors.  It is a unique theme park among the group of popular attractions in the region.  Even though it has roller coasters, its emphasis is more on marine life.  Sea World really should not be confused with a simple, local aquarium.  It is a lot more like the former Lion Country Safari where animals were permitted to roam freely in areas created to be like their natural habitats.

An incredibly popular attraction at the park is a show with dolphins that have been trained to perform for guests do so with the help of trainers.  The show comes with an enduring interest because of the intelligence and personalities of the dolphins who star in it.  Right now, the dolphin show is named as “Imagine” and is as choreographed as any Las Vegas show.

Sea World has continued to introduce quite a few new attractions since it started out in the 1970s, and each of them help to educate guests.  Yet another popular show with guests is the show “Fish Detectives,” which stars comedic seals who easily get the audience laughing.  During the show, the trainers and sea lions act out an investigation into Big Al, who is accused with catching way to many fish and hurting the environment.  There’s also a show based on the character of SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer that will delight children.  Youngsters are not the only ones who enjoy the park, as there are a good amount of things to keep parents interested, and many of them love the fact that the entire park is not only entertaining, but also educational.

The park also has many exhibits that permit visitors to see and learn about a variety of creatures in a more up close and personal way.  Visitors can visit the Dolphin Nursery Pool, Sea World’s famous and remarkably successful dolphin breeding program that was among the first groups to produce live dolphin births.  Children love seeing the mother dolphins look after their growing dolphin babies.  Yet another popular exhibit is the Penguin Encounter, which features a 1,000 square foot pool with Antarctic penguins.  Visitors can observe the penguins play from poolside, or descend to the underside and watch the birds frolic underwater.  The park also features an exciting exhibit with polar bears for park visitors.  Guests can watch the bears up close, while the visitors stay on the ground or above ground on a special viewing deck, and the bears can also be watched as they swim under water.  There’s also Ray Reef, which enables guests to feed and touch a range of different rays, including stingrays.

Sea World is just one marine attraction in the vicinity for guests to visit.  Animal Adventures is a is an exciting attraction where visitors can swim alongside some of the park’s inhabitants.  Sea World also enables guests to cruise on vessels that taken them for a delightful cruise along the coast and even participate in whale watching during the appropriate season.  Some consider it one of the greatest experiences of their lives to see the first signs of a whale, a plume from its blowhole, and then to see the actual creature break the surface of the water.  For an even more breathtaking view, Sea World Helicopters fly visitors over the theme park, neighboring city, and the coast.

Sea World tickets are available online, and can be ordered at the same time the rest of the vacation is being planned and booked.  While tickets can be acquired at the park’s entrance, buying the tickets through the Internet comes with the advantage of getting a discount and not having to stand in admission lines in person.  Decide which attractions you want to visit and then simply head to the appropriate area to purchase your tickets online so that you’re ready for admission when you arrive.

Who Benefits From Using a Transport Wheelchair?

People use wheelchairs for a number of different mobility problems with a number of different causes, but the goal is always to remain as mobile and independent as possible. So what would be the benefit of using a transport wheelchair, which does not allow its user to travel independently, and requires another person be present in order for the user to be moved?

People may benefit from the use of transport chairs if they are in a situation where they cannot, due to physical or mental limitations, use a motorized wheelchair to transport themselves. This is an extreme situation, considering the fact that power wheelchairs are designed to be operated even by people with minimal muscle strength or hand coordination. In cases of total paralysis or lack of limbs, a person may need help to get around.

A person who could operate an electric wheelchair with extreme difficulty but who needs constant medical assistance for any aspect of their physical condition may opt for the use of a transport chair for the matter of cost and convenience. Transport chairs are the least expensive wheelchairs on the market, as well as being extremely light-weight. If a person does not need constant medical assistance, an electric wheelchair will pay for itself in a matter of weeks because the user will not have to pay a nurse. But if a wheelchair user needs medical assistance and has trouble using an electric wheelchair, they can save money by using a transport chair, and at the same time reduce the weight the medical assistant will have to push if your wheelchair has a motor.

Otherwise, transport chairs are generally only used for temporary situations. They are used to transport hospital patients or for people who are temporarily too weak to walk or use a manual wheelchair because they are recovering from an illness or medical procedure. If traveling with a companion, an electric wheelchair user may opt for a transport chair because it is a low-cost and extremely light-weight and portable mobility device. If you’re going on vacation, however, you do also have the option of renting a power wheelchair at your destination, and transportable power wheelchairs are available which can be brought on a plane. If you travel frequently by yourself, this is a good investment, although the weight is still much heavier than that of a transport chair. If you travel with a companion who is willing to push you around, a transport chair is an economic option.

When independent mobility is impossible to achieve or for temporary situations, a transport wheelchair is an inexpensive option to help you get around.

5 Peaceful Beach Destinations in Thailand for Relaxing Island Getaways

In terms of Thailand holidays, it’s a no-brainer to go for popular attractions. But to save yourself from worries, finding quiet Thai beaches, destinations with less the crowd, and locales that don’t overwhelm you with tourist noise is your best bet. Just take a look at these helpful vacation spot suggestions:

1.    Greater Khanom

Located in the northernmost part of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province in Northern Thailand, Khanom is a great alternative to the country’s most populated beaches. It possesses powdery white sand and sapphire blue waters with plenty of areas to enjoy outdoor activities for families and large groups. Apart from swimming, snorkeling and kayaking are also worth a try in this scenic portion of Thailand. In addition, you can also rent a boat out to take pleasure in the stillness of the gulf and watch pink dolphins that are often spotted in the area.

2.    Koh Tarutao

 Before it was officially protected as a national park, Koh Tarutao was where several of the country’s convicted criminals were kept imprisoned. At present, however, it forms part of the Tarutao National Marine Park and is the go-to place for tourists seeking a more serene retreat away from the hustle and bustle of prominent sites like Koh Lipe. The island sits on the Andaman Sea, and apart from its pristine shoreline, it hosts a number of wildlife, waterfalls, and caves.

 3.    Koh Larn and Koh Sak

 Located on the southeastern portion of Thailand is Koh Larn. Otherwise known as “Coral Island,” this particular destination, along with the kidney-shaped Koh Sak to its North, is abundant with corals, tropical fish and anemones. The islands are also an ideal destination for calm and laid-back beach holidays, with shores perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or relaxing around their gorgeous beaches.

4.    Krabi

Also on the southern portion of the country is Krabi, a much serene alternative to the nearby tourist central that is Phuket. The locales beaches are teeming with limestone rock formations that are suitable for rock climbing enthusiasts. And if Krabi’s shores are still not enough for the much-longed for seclusion, the province’s Koh Lanta Yai is an easy boat ride away to escape the noisy crowd.

5.    Choeng Mon, Koh Samui

In the Gulf of Thailand, just 700 kilometers from Bangkok lies Koh Samui. A fairly large island, this destination also has its fair share of bustling locales. However, some of Thailand’s peaceful beaches are in Koh Samui, as well, particularly Choeng Mon Beach. This stretch of sand is hugely popular among tourists and expats who prefer a quieter place to wind down without being too far away from the island’s key points of interest. As with other beaches, Choeng Mon Beach also has an array of hotels and resorts to accommodate holidaymakers like White House Beach Resort and Spa. The resort in Koh Samui is found on the shores of Choeng Mon Beach and complements the sanctuary that surrounds it with equally lovely and serene accommodations, making it among the quiet Thai beach destinations in the area.

Best Caves in the United States

Cave exploring has become a favorite adventure activity for many Americans. When it comes to spelunking, you don’t need to go far because the United States is home to some of the world’s well-formed caves. No wonder caves all over the country have been transformed into mesmerizing tourist spots.

If you are just starting out with your spelunking pursuit, the central region of the country is the best place to explore caves. Of the top ten caves in the United States, four are located in this region. Exploring these caves is indeed well worth the journey.

You can start from up north in Minnesota. The Niagara Cave found here has a ceiling that is over a hundred feet in height. It is characterized with deep walls and ravines below. It is believed that the cavern has been carved out by subterranean streams; with some still active to this day. The cave is one of the region’s biggest limestone caves.

Inside Niagara Cave you can come across subterranean spectacles like Paul Bunyan’s Bed, an echo hall, a wishing well and the famous Niagara Cave Wedding Chapel in which hundreds of ceremonies have already been held. In a gigantic chamber located in the bottom chambers, a stalactite displays rock formations as if they came straight out of fantasy novels.

Next, go down south to South Dakota where you can find the Jewel Cave. This cave is number three on the list of longest caves in the world! Much of the cave remains unexplored today. But tours inside the cave offer breathtaking walks and intense caving adventure. Aside from stalactites and stalagmites, several varieties of bats reside inside the cave especially during winter.

Further south will lead you to the Meramec Caverns of Missouri. Although Missouri is home to 6,000 caves, Meramec Caverns is the most popular because it is like a theme park with its restaurant, gift shop, and ice cream parlor. Its Stage Curtain is the world’s single biggest cave structure.

Rumor has it that the caverns served as a hideout for Jesse James and that a subterranean railroad was built inside.

On the southernmost tip of your journey, you will find the Caverns Of Sonora in Texas. This cave formation has a complicated combination of passages which are lined with sparkling crystals. Up to this day, the caverns continue to churn out crystals.

With these caves, the central region is truly the best place to explore caves in the United States, if not the whole world. Inside these caverns, you will experience the greatest show on or below earth.

Travel to the Grand Bahamas Island by Sea and Start your Vacation Before You Even Get There

Grand Bahamas IslandTraveling to the beautiful Grand Bahamas Island is generally done by airplane.  Most major airlines fly from large US cities to the Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO). But if you want to try something a bit differently you might want to consider the two alternative ways to get to the Grand Bahamas Island-the Discovery Cruise line out of Fort Lauderdale or the Celebration Cruise line out of West Palm Beach.

The Discovery Cruise Line was the first ferry service to the Grand Bahamas Island.  The cruise offers its guests same day service to the island while they sit back and enjoy the start of their Bahamas vacation.  When you cruise to the Bahamas on the Discovery’s convenient cruise all-inclusive ferry service you will discover why half the fun is getting there. On board the Discovery you will enjoy an all-you can-eat dinner buffet and all-you-can drink alcoholic beverages (soft drinks too).  You can relax by the pool, go to the casino or catch the daily entertainment.

The Discovery Cruise Line sails out of Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale at 10AM every morning, except Wednesday, and arrives in Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island at 2PM. You must be at the gate no later than 8:45AM in order to get on the ship as you will be expected to go through boarding procedures. Round trip passage is available, so there is no need to go to the airport during your stay on the Grand Bahamas Island.  Departure from Freeport is 2PM and arrives in Port Everglades at 10:30PM. You may cruise to the Grand Bahamas spend the week and then return to the mainland as scheduled.

The Celebration Cruise Line is the newest of the cruise/shuttles to the Grand Bahamas Island.  The Bahamas Celebration is a sleeper cruise ship that offers 2-night cruises from West Palm Beach, Florida to the Grand Bahamas Island with of course the option to spend some time on the Island too at the Our Lucaya Beach and Golf Resort.

The Bahamas Celebration is both spacious and intimate at the same time with room aboard for 1,500 guests. There is so much to do and so many ways to unwind and have fun.  Spend some time in the Wynmore Casino or dance all night long the stylish, South Beach atmosphere of the club the View or for a bit tamer time visit the Club or the Pub.

The Celebration offers an all-inclusive all you-can eat-and drink at the four delicious dining options including a classic American restaurant which serves up five-course meals from a broad menu, a Brazilian-style steakhouse and a buffet, and a casual Italian restaurant too.  There is plenty to eat, drink and do as you start your vacation on your way to the Grand Bahamas Island.

So leave the airport on the main land and start your Bahamas vacation on your way to the Island.  And remember you will be subject to the same customs and entry regulations; passports and photo identification is necessary for all members of your party and some age restrictions are required.  Please book your Bahamas vacation package through a Travel Specialist.

The different forms of public transport service in Singapore

Singapore has a wonderful public transportation system. They are easily available and cost effective as well. Some of these include the MRT trains, buses and taxis around the area. The advanced transport system makes it super convenient to travel from one part of the country to another.

The MRT train services:

The MRT trains in Singapore can get you close to any endpoint or destination that you may want to visit. The maps are very easily readable and all the directions and writings in the MRT stations are in English. This particular form of transportation has witnessed more than double rise in passenger trips daily in the last decade. This service is more than twenty years old, but it still looks new due to the regular maintenance and upkeep.

Different surveys indicate that MRT commuters value the safety, frequency, operating hours, travel time and comfort. To travel by the MRT the travelers just requires EZ-Link cards. Even a short span of disruption in the MRT services causes huge problems among people around Singapore. The MRT provides transport service that is much speedy and efficient, especially during the peak hours. One of the biggest benefits that the trains have is the ability of bypassing traffic congestion. These services enable people to go downtown with quite ease, avoiding the traffic which is usually heavy for almost the entire day in the area. The services are also very affordable.

The Bus services:

Singapore bus service is one of the most common form of public transportation. Bus commuters generally value the comfort, customer service, frequency, cleanliness and punctuality. The public buses ply in almost all parts of Singapore. There are few big bus service providers plying around the city. Both short distance and long distance trips are available with the bus services which eases the journey and has shorter travelling time. So in one way it can be said that the buses still continue to be a chief part of the transport service in Singapore. If you are getting to a distant or exterior area in Singapore choosing buses would be the most convenient and affordable option for the travel.

The Taxi services:

The taxis in Singapore also offer better speed and comfort. The most important feature in this service is the privacy. A huge number of taxi companies operate in Singapore. The taxis here charge their fare of the meter system. But though the system is quite transparent and safe it is not known to be much more economical. The taxis also encounters the huge amount of traffic just like the Singapore buses, but the advantage of the taxis is that they can avoid the traffics by using alternate routes. The taxi drivers are experienced and are well aware of the traffics and roads, so they are able to avoid the traffic issues and crowded roads especially during the peak hours of the day.

City’s Public Transport In Hong Kong

Clean and efficient, these various networks cover much of the destination. Just as finding the right student accommodation in Hong Kong can make all the difference while studying, it’s also beneficial to know the ins and outs of the public transportation available.

When it comes to taxis, in Hong Kong this isn’t quite as simple as ‘grabbing a cab’ and there are some important things to know about how  they operate.

First is that taxis in Hong Kong come in three colours, with the colour of a taxi designating which areas that vehicle is allowed to operate in. Red taxis serve urban areas including all of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, green taxis serve New Territories areas like Tsuen Wan and blue taxis serve Lantau Island.

All taxis are allowed to travel to and from the airport, as well as Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island.

An accessible taxi service is available for the elderly, people with disabilities and passengers with bulky luggage.

There is no bargaining on fares and taxi drivers probably won’t appreciate an ‘off the metre’ suggestion. There’s a small surcharge for luggage and any toll bridges used will incur a fee.

For an idea of taxi fares, using Hong Kong International Airport as a starting point and including related tolls, a trip to Central on Hong Kong Island is around HK$290, to Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon around HK$230, to Tsing Yi Station in the New Territories around HK$180 and to AsiaWorld-Expo on Lantau Island around HK$20.

With the exception of some very remote areas, taxis are plentiful throughout Hong Kong. They are air-conditioned and can usually be hailed on the street (except in restricted areas) or summoned by phone. A good idea can be to opt for a taxi queue at a hotel or a taxi stand.

Some other key tips are that passengers are required to pay the exact fare as recorded on the metre, passengers by law must wear a seat belt when one is available, taxi drivers are required to display their taxi driver identity cards on the dashboard, taxi fare information will be listed on the inside of the vehicle, and always ask for a machine-printed receipt – if the machine is not working, the taxi driver is obliged to provide a handwritten receipt.

If a problem is encountered while using a taxi, such as suspected overcharging, passengers can take note of the driver’s name and licence plate number shown on the identity card on the dashboard and contact one of the following numbers to lodge a complaint – Transport Complaints Unit Hotline +852 2889 9999, Transport Department Customer Enquiries Hotline +852 2804 2600, Road Co-op Lost & Found 24 Hours Free Hotline for Lost Property on Taxis Hotline +852 1872 920.

Another key component of Hong Kong’s public transportation is the MTR, with a network comprising of around 150 stations, from Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Island’s Central to the New Territories and Lantau Island.

A number of hotels, serviced apartments and student housing in Hong Kong – such as the newly opened Campus Hong Kong property in Tsuen Wan offering stylish rooms near Tsuen Wan West station and Tsuen Wan station – are situated near the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) making for convenient and affordable travelling around.

Egypt’s Red Sea Resort Town

Dusted in the golden sands of the Red Sea coast, the popular resort town of Hurghada is the perfect place to visit for a beach holiday in Egypt. Visitors flock here from all over the world to relax on Hurghada’s fine beaches and swim in its turquoise waters, notably full of intriguing coral formations and schools of colourful fish. Hurghada is also one of the best places in Egypt for water-sports enthusiasts.

Diving the coral reefs, Hurghada, EgyptWater sports are the most popular attraction of Hurghada, Egypt. The undersea attractions include fragile coral reefs and colourful fish. Photo courtesy of Magby Abdel Ghany

Water is, in fact, the main draw for visitors to Hurghada, because of the plethora of water-based activities to keep everyone busy and happy. If getting wet during an afternoon of swimming, snorkelling, diving or surfing isn’t quite for you, though, there are alternative ways to experience the fascinating undersea world of the Red Sea – on a glass-bottom boat or a Hurghada submarine tour. For a taste of the open ocean, a full-day fishing excursion is another great option.

This abundance of daytime activities for the young, and the range of top-quality restaurants and nightlife nightlife options for the young at heart, also make Hurghada an especially good location for families.

desert safari, Hurghada, EgyptWhile Hurghada, Egypt, is flanked on one side by the sea, the rest of its perimeter abuts desert. WHL Egypt offers specialised 4×4 desert safari tours during which visitors connect firsthand with locals who live in it. Photo courtesy of Sherry Espanola

Prior to the 1970s, however, Hurghada was little more than a small, quiet fishing village. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the area’s water-sports potential came to light, drawing investors from around the region. As Hurghada quickly grew into a resort centre, its tourism infrastructure strengthened. Today there are dozens of top-notch Hurghada resorts, many of which balance the area’s growing development against a commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. The Golden Five Paradise Resort, for example, enforces strict water-sports regulations designed to protect the fragile coral reefs that line its beaches. Similarly, the Three Corners Sunny Beach Hotel encourages guests to take part in the conservation and environmental care process by following energy-saving measures in their electricity and water usage.

Despite its modern history as a contemporary resort town, Hurgada is within easy reach of ancient history. Classic Hurghada tours include exploring Cairo and the iconic pyramids of Giza, taking a desert safari and experiencing local Bedouin life.

local market, Hurghada, EgyptWhen the hot afternoon sun dips low in the sky, the focus in Hurghada,Egypt, shifts from its beaches to its streets. Filled with local markets, restaurants, cafes and bars, they offer plenty to see and do. Photo courtesy of Passion Leica

Tourism expert and owner of WHL Egypt, Sherif Abd Elwahab, is excited to have launched Hurghada as a portal, saying “As we at WHL Egypt continue to find ways to promote sustainable and responsible tourism, we appreciate our continued association with as a like-minded organisation.” Mr. Elwahab suggests that you experience Egypt’s beaches and its ancient history – the best of both worlds – by combining your Hurghada beach time with a trip to Luxor and its ancient monuments and temples.

Hurghada joins the growing list of destinations in Egypt, including Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, Aswan and Luxor, Safaga, Ein Sokhna, Port Said and Alexandria.

Cirque Adrenaline Promises Thrilling Night Out From Your Hotel, Home, Student Housing In Hong Kong

Cirque Adrenaline is a new genre of show that blends traditional circus elements like clowns and trapeze artists with daredevil motorcyclists and complex aerial stunts in what is best described as high-octane entertainment.

The Cirque Adrenaline troupe of over 50 performers, including many former stars of Cirque du Soleil, has earned a worldwide reputation for its theatrical flair and breathtaking acrobatic displays both on the ground and in the air high above the stage.

Lunchbox Theatrical Productions Limited – the show’s producer – describes it as ‘a heart-pounding show featuring the world’s most dangerous and death-defying circus acts – guaranteed to pump a million gallons of adrenaline at every performance!’

Cirque Adrenaline promises to thrill Hong Kong audiences with its fast, funny and on-the-edge-of-your-seat action the same as it has done in the US, South Africa, the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

The venue, AsiaWorld-Expo, is situated on Chek Lap Kok Island near Hong Kong International Airport. It is reached easily enough on the MTR Airport Express, while a number of franchised bus routes are available to take directly to the AsiaWorld-Expo bus terminus.

By taxi is another option, with AsiaWorld-Expo serviced by Urban (red coloured) and Lantau (blue coloured) taxis.

When travelling by taxi in Hong Kong, it’s important to know that taxis are essentially colour coded, with the colour of a taxi designating in which areas it is allowed to operate. Red taxis serve urban areas including all of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, green taxis serve New Territories areas like Tsuen Wan and blue taxis serve Lantau Island.

Many of the hotels and other accommodation establishments such as off campus student housing in Hong Kong are located convenient to an MTR station. Some are close to more than one station, like Campus Hong Kong which opened in 2015 offering stylish and well-appointed student dormitories and rooms near Tsuen Wan West Station and Tsuen Wan Station on the Tsuen Wan coastline overlooking the South China Sea and iconic Tsing Ma Bridge.

Accommodation options at Campus Hong Kong are in two categories; Bed which is in a shared dormitory and Room, which is a private room with four individual beds for four students. Property facilities are a state-of-the-art fitness centre, sauna, 25 metre open-air swimming pool and Jacuzzi (in summer time), Anchor’s Restaurant & Beer outlet serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and The Link, a gathering place for socializing, watching TV, listening to and sharing music and otherwise relaxing and chilling out.

Those staying at Campus Hong Kong can use the property’s free shuttle bus to travel to and from the nearby MTR stations of Tsuen Wan and Tsuen Wan West. The MTR’s extensive network makes for easy and reliable travel around a lot of Hong Kong.

The Best Favorite Hotel of the Year Award for 2015


Batam, Indonesia — As a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellent service, Goodway Hotel Batam wins the coveted The Best Favorite Hotel of the Year 2015 award, a recognition given by Travelers Satisfaction Award 2015. This citation is given to hotels that embody the quality, performance, responsibility, and attractiveness needed to support and promote Indonesia’s thriving tourism industry. The award was presented at Santika Premier Dyandra Medan and acknowledged by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia and the governor of North Sumatra.

The hotel’s General Manager, Chris De Silva, notes that the awards conferred to the hotel motivates its staff to work harder and keep up with the competition. Earlier this year, Goodway Hotel Batam also earned The Best Hotel with Exceptional Hospitality of the Year award which was given by Indonesian Improvement Award 2015.

A leading M.I.C.E. hotel, Goodway Hotel Batam offers 11 function rooms that can comfortably accommodate 1,000 guests. It boasts a ballroom, a Wine Bar, a Piano Lounge, Asakuma – a Japanese restaurant and Nusantara Restaurant that serve halal food, Indonesian, Western, and Asian cuisines.

The hotel also presents guests leisurely activities in its spa, sauna, swimming pool, and gym. Aside from these, practical services and facilities such as Wi-Fi Internet access, car valet and limousine service, shops, pharmacy, ATM and currency exchange, as well as laundry and dry cleaning are provided in the accommodation.

Experience a wonderful and comfortable stay by choosing this award-winning hotel for your next Batam holiday. Book directly on the hotel website,, and enjoy the following benefits:

Guarantee of instant confirmation from the booking engine powered by DirectWithHotels
Safe and private online transactions through DigiCert and Trustwave.
The opportunity to use exclusive promos and cancel or modify reservations up to a certain day before the check-in date.
A fast, smooth, and intuitive reservation process. The system can be bookmarked and printed, and it features customizable currency for easier reference.

Visit the website of Goodway Hotel Batam to know more about the hotel and its current promos and deals.

Goodway Hotel Batam
Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 1,
Nagoya, Batam, 29432, Indonesia

Phone Number: +62-778-426888

Oman offers cave diving and other scuba diving holiday options

After a series of successful tourism and marketing campaigns over recent years, Oman has now become a top destination for scuba diving holidays, offering numerous breathtaking underwater sites and adventure activities.

Scuba diving in Oman offers crystal clear warm waters, exquisite coral reefs and thriving marine life including angelfish, parrotfish, honeycomb morays, dolphins, sting rays, sharks and turtles. Certified diving companies and instructors can take tourist out to popular diving sites including Cat Island, Bander Khayran, Daymaniyat Islands, Cemetery Bay and Fahal Island.

divers in a cave

The turtle reserve at Ras Al Hadd provides a breathtaking experience where visitors can witness nature at its finest with mother turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs on the beaches, and baby turtles surfacing for the first time from their nests and making their way to the sea.

Tourists can experience cave diving across a number of spots including the longest cave in Oman, Kahf Hoti; numerous caves in Jebel Bani Jabir with one offering deep shafts which enter the chambers of Majlis Al Jinn, home to one of the largest underground chambers in the world; and fantastic sights throughout the caves in Jebel Akhdar Massif.

There are a number of caves suitable for beginners enjoying scuba diving holidays including Hoti Cave, which is east of Al Hamra and home to a beautiful underwater lake. Divers can explore Kitam Cave near Ibri, with its beautiful and rare crystal formations created by rainwater, and gypsum flowers.

diving in Maldives

Freelance adventure guide in the United Arab Emirates, Justin Marks, said: “Oman has really positioned itself on the world map with the active promotion of its natural resources. The diverse landscape and the access to several different sporting activities in close proximity has given adventure lovers exactly what they have been missing in this region.”

Travellers can enjoy a range of thrill-seeking adventures in Oman, including sea kayaking in Muscat, abseiling vertically from mountains, climbing and zip-lining with Via Ferrata, and trekking through the desert, mountains or wadis.

Oman is not yet well known as a scuba diving destination but because of this divers are able to explore the waters without the crowds which can usually be found in Red Sea or Australia’s Great Barrier Reef resorts

Isla Mujeres a miracle island in the Caribbean Sea

The miracle island in the Caribbean Sea that is how you can describe Isla Mujeres island. Its close location to the famous resort Cancun makes it more desirable for visiting and advanced infrastructure makes long stay there possible and comfortable. It takes only a quick look Isla Mujeres photos to realize that all said above is 100% truth.

After making several steps on this beautiful island, after seeing for the first time white sand beaches you will want to stay here, if not forever than definitely for a long time.

Many legends wrapping the discovery of the island and its name are some kind of magnet to all people who feel curious and care about all the interesting facts of the mankind history.

Speaking briefly about the Isla Mujeres discovery, the island was found by Spanish conquistadores in 1517. After landing on the island they discovered many big statues of woman that were left here from the ancient Mayan civilization. That is why according to one of legends they called the island Isla Mujeres. In translation from Spanish it means Woman’s island.

Isla Mujeres is a treasure for everyone who value nature’s beauty and gifts, and especially for the photographers. Every Isla Mujeres photographer can prove it by showing photo galleries with pictures made in this island. In order to get such photo collection one has to make many trips around the Isla. Such journeys will differ a lot from all the other every day trips around Mexico. Why? First of all because in Isla Mujeres you can travel around it using electro car. Little car will open for you all the unbounded beauty of the island.

One of the advices for everyone who are planning to travel to Isla is to pay close attention and even more, to include in the list “Must see” – the sunsets on the main beach Playa Norte. It is a symphony of the sunlight in harmony with quiet sea surface and bright golden notes of sunny glares. Everyone who has ever seen this natural show, including Isla Mujeres photographer, wasn’t left feeling indifferent. Moreover everyone has saved for himself a little piece of silence and joy in the form of photographs.

Beside the natural perfection on the island one can find a lot of buildings, preserved from the time of great Mayan civilization; unusual monuments, such as Big Iguana monument or turtle and fish ones. One of the greatest pluses for everyone who wants to get an adrenaline amusement are some entertainment parks that are situated in the center of the island.

Reading all these lines it is probably very difficult to believe that all described above is located on the territory of 1100 km2 and the best variant to check it is personally visit Isla Mujeres.

River Tubing and Cave Diving Experiences at Their Best Only At Ginnie Springs

As the Christmas holidays approach, people are hunting for fun activities that they can engage themselves in. There are others who are looking for holiday destinations that they can visit and others are looking for people to have fun with. Luckily, there is never a shortage of places to visit, even if you have visited them before. Some of these destinations are perfect for the whole family to visit. It is just amazing how much fun you can have with your family at places like the Ginnie Springs Outdoors in Florida.

Enjoy water like never before

Are you an avid fanatic of water sports? Ginnie Springs is going to be the perfect destination for you and your friends or family. Located on Florida’s Santa Fe River, these are probably the cleanest and clearest waters in Florida and America as a whole. The location is just one fantastic place worth visiting at least a couple of times in your lifetime. There is always something new for you to engage in while you are at Ginnie Springs

Starting off with river tubing and snorkeling, there are people who want to experience these extremely interesting water activities, but never find a good place to start out. Ginnie Springs is a convenient place to start out. People are able to go swimming here, try out snorkeling for the very first time and the tubing activities. They can be dangerous but with expert guides at hand, you should not be worried about such matters.

Another dangerous activity is scuba diving. Scuba diving is safe, but only if you have had training and you are in a place that is fit for your skills. There are destinations that you cannot go scuba diving if you are a beginner in the art. Ginnie Springs is a great place to get the training that you need. People who do not have skills in scuba diving can start out here. There are the underwater grottos located here that will keep you coming back over and over again.

The diving experience of a lifetime

If you are interested in cave diving and cavern diving, you will have an expert to guide you in starting out. Admittedly, scuba diving can be such an intimidating experience and depending on who introduces you to the sport, you will either have fun or forever live in fear of being under water. Ginnie Springs Outdoors is not only endowed with stunning underwater caves, but is also a PADI certified dive center. You will get expert trainers to start you off on an experience like no other here.

Cave Elephant Resurfaces With New Survival Tactics

Cave elephant resurfaces with new survival tactics

The lure of salt draws a unique group of elephants deep into the belly of Mt Elgon National Park.

For thousands of years the cave elephant has been trekking to Kitum cave and smaller caverns at the base of the mountain to mine salt.

One generation teaches the next the secrets of the cave, despite the awful memory of poachers who attacked their ancestors at the mouth of this magnificent place and source of a vital nutrient in the 1980s and 1990s. The horrific attacks kept them away from the caves and saw their numbers decline from more than a 1,000 to just over 100.

After concerted conservation efforts the situation has taken turn for the better with the elephants having increased from 220 in 2002 to slightly over 300 this year.

Under the cover of night, oblivious of a petition by Tanzania and Zambia for the lifting of the ivory trade ban that could threaten them once more, the elephants journey to the cave to cure their salt cravings.

As Kenya lobby’s countries across the world to support an all-out ban on ivory trade to protect the animal, the good news from Mt Elgon should spur them on.

Critical moment

At this critical moment for their survival when the animal population is dwindling elsewhere, the rare, salt licking, cave elephant of Mt Elgon has stepped back from the brink of extinction to offer new hope.

Successful efforts to curb poaching and behaviour change is behind the resurgence of the elephant. The unique elephant has become more aggressive to fight off poachers. Researchers say their new defence mechanisms scare would be poachers that once threatened them to near extinction and make it harder for them to capture the animal.

The entrance of one of the caves at Mt Elgon where elephants mine salt. Moving in herds the jumbos have returned to caves that they temporarily avoided at Mt Elgon National Park at the height of poaching in the mid 1980s — to lick salt.

The transboundary African elephants (Loxodonta africana) use their tusks to gouge walls of the caverns for sodium chloride unaware that the push by Tanzania and Zambia for a new trading window to sell their ivory stockpile, supposedly to raise funds for conservation, could once again threaten their survival.

Tanzania wants to sell 89,848kg and Zambia 21,692kg and raw hides.

The two countries recently petitioned the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) to allow them to trade their tusk stockpiles.

At Mt Elgon National Park poaching is on the decline even as the vice has spreads in other parts of the country in the last three years.

Poached countrywide

For instance, 200 elephants were poached countrywide last year up from 145 in 2008 and 47 last year.

A poaching ban imposed in 1989 after the Government set ablaze 12 tonnes of ivory saw the elephant population ruse from 16,000 in 1989 to 35,000 this year.

The park senior warden Dickson Ritan largely attributes the growth to anti-poaching measures. “We lost only three elephants in the past eight years – two to poisoned arrows and one to poaching,” Ritan says.

He says the elephants were a target of poachers from neighbouring Uganda. “The poachers would follow them to the caves at night,” Ritan says. He says containing the poachers succeeded because of co-operation with the Uganda government. “We increased patrols on our side and Uganda did the same from their end. This limited movements of the attackers,” Ritan says.

The elephants were an easy target at the gigantic caves at the foot of the mountain where they troop after sunset to lick salt to replenish nutrients in their body.

The elephants move in a convoy penetrating the dark corridors that their ancestors used for generations to travel up to 160m deep into the main Kitum cave.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) senior researchers Frederick Lala says elephants have an acute sense of smell. They use their trunks to smell their way along the subterranean route.

Birth defects

Lala and Research Scientist Israel Makau say the elephant, like other creatures in hot climates, need salt in their diet to help them retain water. Makau says lack of salt causes birth defects, organ failure, decay, diseases, premature aging and early deaths.

But the elephants do not get enough salt from their diet making them mine from the walls of Kitum cave deep inside Mt Elgon.

Unlike their cousins living in the plains where vegetation is rich in salt, the rainforest plants lack the nutriet as it is washed away by frequent rain.

“The wet climate means plenty of food but constant rain washes away salt from the surrounding vegetation,” Makau says.

Since their tongue is not long enough to lick the salt from the cave walls, the elephants scrape it off with their tusks.

“They pick up the rock and dirt with their trunks and put it in their mouth before grind it down with their huge molars and swallowing,” Makau says.

Gouging of salts has left the elephants with shorter tusks compared to others. Salts from rocks in the caves not only benefit the jumbos as other animals including buffalos, bushbucks, rock hyrax, leopards, hyenas and primates rely on the leftovers on the floor.

Lala says the geophagy — eating dirt— by the elephants may have formed the caves that are between 8000 to 12,000 years old.

Researchers say that the move by Tanzania and Zambia to allow trade on ivory could precipitate a flare up in poaching.

From Your Hotel Or Student Housing In Hong Kong, There’s Eating Out Options Galore

Heading out to eat in Hong Kong is no hassle thanks to efficient public transportation networks like the MTR (Mass Transit Railway). Many hotels, serviced apartments and off-campus student housing establishments are situated within handy reach of an MTR station.

Once on the MTR, passengers can use the extensive network to travel throughout much of Hong Kong. Many accommodation places provide a shuttle bus service to and from the MTR.

Campus Hong Kong, for example, offers its guests a complimentary shuttle bus between its dorms and student apartments in Tsuen Wan Road and the nearby Tsuen Wan and Tsuen Wan West MTR stations.

Having opened in 2015, Campus Hong Kong is a new addition to the off-campus student housing available in Hong Kong. Boasting a vibrant, stylish and energetic atmosphere, guests staying at Campus Hong Kong can choose from two categories of accommodation, these being Bed – in a shared dormitory – and Room, a private room with four individual beds for four students.

An array of different cuisines can be enjoyed in Hong Kong be it Asian, Western or a scintillating fusion of both.

Among the ‘must-eat’ dishes to try are dim sum, steamed shrimp dumpling, barbecued pork bun, spring rolls, barbecued pork pastry, barbecued pork, barbecued goose, roast pork, steamed fish, stir-fried fish, stir-fried crab, baked crab, baked lobster, drunken shrimp, deep-fried shrimp and Chinese BBQ,.

The Chinese hotpot is an exotic dining experience which sees the diner stew ingredients such as meats, seafood and vegetables in a hotpot that can be any of a number of shapes and sizes.

Noodles and the rice porridge called congee is another favourite, the congee ranging from plain starchy variety to lighter versions with vegetables and meat.

Through the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme administered by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, diners searching for restaurants to try out can find those which meet high standards of product quality and service.

QTS Scheme-accredited restaurants must pass stringent annual assessments and:

  • provide quality food in clean and hygienic premises
  • provide a clear and precise menu with prices for food and beverages
  • ensure superb customer service

QTS Scheme-accredited restaurants can be identified by their displaying of a QTS Scheme decal and certificate on the premises. Those which have been accredited for 10 consecutive years or more are eligible to display a specially designed decal.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board website features a search for accredited restaurants (including bars and pubs) in the New Territories, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Outlying Islands. This can be done based on district, category and/or the name of a particular shop or restaurant, as well as by ‘Average Spending (Per Person)’ for lunch or dinner.

Here are some useful tips when it comes to eating out in Hong Kong:

At some restaurants it is a common practice for waiters to automatically bring tea, condiments and non-ordered snacks which are charged to your bill. Check with the waiter about such additional charges before being seated.

Most restaurants add a 10 per cent service charge to the bill. Again, check with the waiter about this before being seated.

Credit cards are accepted by most restaurants. It’s always a good idea to check the credit card slip before signing it and to keep the receipt.

In Hong Kong smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places including restaurants, karaoke venues, malls and bars. Smoking a cigarette, cigar or pipe in designated no-smoking areas will see the offender liable for a fixed penalty of HK$1,500.

Good Hotels In Shimla Near Railway Station: Hotel Blossom

Travellers who are looking for good accommodations in Shimla near the railway station; there are a couple of good hotels to choose from. The Hotel Blossom is one such hotel. It is one of the best value-for-money hotels in Shimla and is located just a few minute drive from the railway station.Hotel Blossom is full of new amenities in Shimla, India and is located at Amar Tara Estateand. The famous tourist attractions and shopping areas are very close to this 3-star property. Hotel Blossom Shimla gives you a feel of homeliness with dedicated staff always ready to serve and help the guests.

How to Reach:

Hotel Blossom is 18 Kms from the Shimla Domestic Airport. Shimla Railway Station is just 1 Km. from this comfortable hotel. One can easily take a taxi to hotel from the railway station/airport. The hotel too provided pick and drop service. The Shimla airport is a state of art airport replete with all modern amenities and equipments. There is frequent Delhi to Shimla flightson daily basis. Besides, the airport is also well served by flights from Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai etc.

Nearby Places of Interest:

Hotel Blossom is very close to a number of tourist points ofShimla tourismlike Observatory Hill (Institute of Advanced Studies) Kuthar Fort, Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex, Viceregal Lodge, Shimla Glen and it is also very close to Ice-Skating Rink, Lakkar Bazaar, Ashiana, Cecil Restaurant and Embassy Restaurant is also located close to the hotel where one can also relish wonderful cuisines.

This Hotel provides a happy stay in 3 categories: deluxe room, suite and family suite. Shimla Hotel Blossom has adequately designed rooms to ensure optimum comfort of the guests.

Some of the amenities at the Hotel Blossom in Shimla across room categories include:

  • High-speed Internet
  • Tour Desk
  • Room Service
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Drive in with Parking facilities
  • Doctor on call
  • Laundry Service
  • Facilities for people with special needs
  • Safety and Security arrangements
  • Wireless Internet access in public areas
  • Multi-cuisine restaurant facing open lawn
  • Guide Service
  • Sightseeing

To sum up all, the Hotel Blossom is an ideal accommodation option for all travellers, irrespective of their purpose of visit or age group. With its more than efficient modern amenities, comfortable rooms, and genuine hospitality, the hotel simply makes to the list best hotels in Shimla. Plus, it also has the benefits of close proximity to the railway station. So, Pack your bags and head for a vacation this summer.

5 Unavoidable Tips for Fetching the Perfect Hotel

The Taj Mahal and other historically beautiful places in Agra have made this city one of the most visited destinations in India by both domestic and international travelers.The high volume of tourism every year has led to various hotel establishments in this city. It is not an easy task to choose the exact hotel you are looking for especially when there are hundreds of them available all around the city. To pick a date, book online and make payment for a hotel may seem quick and convenient, however there are several kinds of blunders you can make while deciding on a hotel reservation.

Wrong choices can leave you quite disappointed, which is why you can use the following information about 5 things to avoid to while you are in the process of booking a hotel :

1. Confusing travel dates: Overseas travelers often get confused with the difference in dateand time zones, so to make sure that you don’t enter incorrect information use a date and time converter first. A clear understanding of travel dates is a must. When you book hotel online, double-check the dates of your travel if required. Making a call to the hotel or using hotel chat window from their website to talk the hotel booking manager is also a great idea. It is better to get booking done by the hotel management itself since it is their job to make the correct entry.

2. Not using the credit card: Paying cash or debit card can prevent you to fetch great offers that your credit card may give, like cash back offers, extra miles or rewards on certain amount of spending, free night stay, etc.There is always some or the other offer going on for a credit card. If ever needed any fraud transaction can be also claimed on a credit card with the bank.

3. Not reading the reviews: Every time you travel and want to decide on a hotel, make sure to read the reviews that give you a clearer picture about the hotel. Reading as many reviews as you can is a benefit but do your own research about the hotel as well. Usually reviews are pretty accurate that explain about the different hotel services such as hotel accommodation, room services, food and cleanliness, etc.

4. Not comparing hotels: Don’t be too stubborn about one hotel, if you research well you might find another good hotel in a much better price range as well.You can use hotel booking portals, where the comparison is done between more than two hotels in reference to star rating, reviews, packages and offers.

5. Non-refundable room booking: When you look for hotels don’t be overwhelmed with lowprice room rates. There can be various reasons because of which you might have to change travel dates or cancel the entire travel plan, such as bad weather, missed a flight, chances of illness, etc.Keep in mind such scenarios and always go for refundable hotel booking so that even if you have to cancel, you can still get some percentage of amount back in your pocket.

What to Wear While Cave Exploring

Cave exploring, also known as caving, is becoming a popular sport not only for physical fitness but also for scientific exploration. Cave exploring doesn’t require special clothing, but there are certain requirements that your clothing should meet. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing clothing for cave exploring:

•    Find out what kind of cave you’re exploring. Different caves mean different clothing requirements.
•    If you’re exploring a cave in a cold area, you need to wear several layers of clothing. The bottom layer should be made of material that provides insulation even if you get it wet (polypropylene is a good example). The layers on top should be sturdy and waterproof.
•    If you’re exploring a cave in a warm area, you can wear lighter clothes, especially if it’s a dry cave. Polypropylene clothes are still a good choice for dry, warm caves because they provide some protection if you scrape your elbows or knees on rough surfaces inside the cave.
•    You might want to wear a wetsuit if you’re exploring a very wet cave, or if the cave you’re exploring requires you to wade or swim across one or more streams.

•    Always wear gloves. You never know what you’ll find in a cave. Gloves will protect you from cuts or scratches and from insect bites.
•    If the cave you’re exploring will require you to do a lot of crawling, wear elbow pads and knee pads to help protect you from scrapes and cuts.
•    It’s a good idea to wear hiking boots in dry caves and rubber boots with neoprene socks in wet caves. Lighter footwear may not give your feet sufficient protection.
•    You need to wear a helmet to protect your head in case you knock it against the top of the cave, or an object suspended from the top of the cave. A helmet will also protect your head from falling objects. Be sure that a light is mounted on the helmet and that you have extra batteries for the light. You should also carry a backup light source in case your helmet light fails.

Cave exploring carries a measure of risk, but being prepared and knowledgeable will help protect you from danger. Cave exploring is one activity where you really are what you wear. If your clothing is safe and appropriate, you are likely to stay safe during a cave exploring trip. Happy exploring!

Spend A Relaxing Vacation In Kings Beach

Take a vacation, and visit as many places as you can; you can always make money, but you can’t always make memories. The hectic schedule of city life is not just tiring, but it is quite monotonous as well. You cannot go on like this: your body is not a machine, and your brain is not controlled by a software. You need rest to recuperate after every few months. And a vacation can certainly improve your productivity at work. So, if you have not been on a vacation for a long time, then do consider planning one. In case you do not know where to go for a vacation and do not have any reservation, you can just pack your bag and head toward any nearby natural retreat. You do not need a lot of money for travelling: all you need is some determination and a backpack. If you do not have anyone to travel with, then you can plan a solo trip to places like Kings Beach, California for a running adventure.

Kings Beach is located in Placer County, California, United States, and is a CDP or census designated place. Lake Tahoe forms the northern shore of the beach and the area is named after its first postmaster, Joe King. The climate of this CDP is warmer-summer Mediterranean, and this place is certainly perfect for vacations. King’s Beach is a peaceful residential area, and here you will find more locals than tourists. So, during your vacations here, you can hang around and befriend the warm and friendly locals of this place. Kings Beach is also a great choice for budget travelers as you can easily find economical places to stay here. Apart from all this, you can also enjoy adventure activities like biking in Kings Beach.

If you are now all set for an adventure ride at Kings Beach, then make your reservations as soon as possible. The year-round activities attract many bikers from all across the globe to Kings Beach. So getting reservations for accommodation here can be quite difficult, especially during the holiday season. So, plan everything in advance and book for accommodation at least a month before heading to Kings Beach. This majestically beautiful place will surely help you in relaxing. A beach vacation to this peaceful CDP is certainly worth the investment. So, make reservations and get ready for a relaxing beach vacation in california.

Roll on Roll Off Yacht Transport Method

Roll on Roll off (RORO)

In a Ro/Ro operation, the cargo moves as one piece on a specialized trailer from port to port and in some cases on flatbed trailers or lowboys from origin to destination. There is less handling because the cargo is not lifted on and off the vessel, but driven on, parked, and then driven off. There is no danger of water damage because the cargo is always secured in the vessel’s garage decks for the entire voyage. In general, the Ro/Ro mode is the safest and cheapest way to handle oversize boats.

Provided that your boat does not exceed the size restrictions for RO/RO shipping , RO/RO service is the most common and also the most recommended way to ship your boat.  Boats on trailers, are actually towed onto the ship by way of the ship’s ramp where they are stowed inside the belly of the ship and are securely lashed to the deck.   Upon arrival at the port of destination, the boat is simply towed off the ship.

Cradled boats are handled much the same way.  Cradled boats are placed on and secured to mafi trailers that are towed onto the ship and stowed inside the belly of the ship.

With Roll-on Roll-off method of ocean transport the shipping price is based 100% on the size of the yacht or boat. It’s not based per unit or the just the length or the heigh of the Yacht or Boat – the total size must be calculated. You’re pretty much paying per each cubic foot or cubic meter of your shipment. So the bigger your shipment is in total size – the more it’s going to cost you to ship it via roll-on roll-off service.

Discover The Hidden Beauty Of Viengxai Kaysone Phomvihane Cave

Today, quiet village life, the fascinating culture and stunning natural scenery of the country does on top of the list of many people must see holiday destinations. But if history is one of the main things that draw you into Laos well than you are wrong trekking in the ground instead of on that may be of additional interest to you.

The Viengxai Cave Memorial: The monument Viengxai Kaysone Phomvihane cave is veiled the untrained eye, enclosed by forests and limestone mountains in the province Houaphanh. These caves were not open to the general public before it was only in the year 2009 it was opened to tourists and the general. And trekking here is something different which you might have experience previously in Laos.

The History of the Caves: While in Laos, trekking through the villages will take you to the path of many relics and memories of what will always be remembered as a predominantly tumultuous time for the country. The monarchy began in 1964 and with it came a violent period of civil unrest that lasted until mid-1970. The United States supported the regime, and as bombs were dropped on Laos by U.S. aircraft constantly on behalf of the Royal Government of Laos, many were forced to seek refuge, including leaders and members of the Pathet Lao Communist Party, which were considered revolutionary at the time.

The leaders of the Pathet Lao remained living in hiding in the cave network for almost ten years before moving to become Vientiane in 1974 to form the government of Laos. Today, the caves Viengxai are seen by many as the spiritual home of the government of Laos. The immense arrangement of underground caverns that form Viengxai caves became home to many people during that period, with more than 400 caves housing and shelter for 20,000 people. Thus a visit to this historical cave is a must during your Laos tours.

Inside the Caves: Now open to tourists, it is possible for those interested in adventure trekking Laos also underground and see the large number of tunnels and caverns themselves. Inside the caves, there was once a school, a bakery, shops, meeting rooms, sleeping quarters, and even a large cavern became a natural amphitheater, with orchestra pit. Visitors can wander through the caves, only your imagination to help them try to visualize what would have been like the liver of meters for almost ten years. However, English speaking guides accompany visitors through the caves as part of a local tourism development project that helps build a better image, and share everything they know about the nine years that the Pathet Lao spent in the caves.

Viengxai caves not only offer a vision of deep and fascinating history of the country, but to offer an exciting alternative to the usual activities that could participate in Laos. Underground trekking can be as rewarding as it is above ground, in this case. From this can made sure that your Southeast Asia travel in Laos can be a memorable one which you will remember through out your life.

Take a trip to other important places in Laos also. Some of the important places are namely Pha That Luang, Wat Phu, Pak Ou Caves, Vieng Xai caves and a visit to Lung Prabang is a must. Luang Prabang travel can also let you know it rich and glorious history.

Thor’s Cave Walk – The White Peak

It was great to be out walking again. November 1997 had been a busy time with limited opportunities to answer the call of the wild but as the saying goes everything comes to he who waits.

Setting off long before first light for the three hour drive was long and arduous but the weather was fine and as I drove the sun came up bathing everything in it’s strong rays. I’d been lucky again.

The aim of the day was to visit Thor’s Cave on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border on the edge of the Peak District. Thor’s Cave (also known as Thor’s House Cavern and Thyrsis’s Cave) is a natural cavern located in the Manifold Valley of the White Peak in Staffordshire. It is classified as a Karst cave (shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite). Located in a steep limestone crag, the cave entrance, a symmetrical arch 7.5 metres wide and 10 metres high, is prominently visible from the valley bottom, around 80 metres (260 feet) below. The reason for the winter visit is simple, in the summer the place is over run with tourist, screaming kids and all the paraphernalia associated with the British on holiday. Yuck!

I arrived at the starting point Wetton Ford to find the car park deserted. Quickly changing into walking mode I enjoyed a cup of tea before starting my walk.
The walk I faced was only six miles with limited climbing but after the long drive it suited my purpose for the day. From my starting point at the Wetton Ford car park I enjoyed a leisurely walk alongside the River Manifold to Wetton Mill and then to Ecton. On arriving on the outskirts of the village of Ecton I left the riverside and began a steep climb onto Ecton Hill. I had to work on climbing the hill which was an ascent of 151 metres from where I had left the valley to the top of the hill. Not the greatest climb considering I’ve done much longer ascents before but steep climbing is never easy. I  stopped for a break at the trig point on Ecton Hill to admire the views of the surrounding Peak countryside. The views were super as it was a spectacular clear day. I enjoyed the scenery for a good while before leaving the hill and descending to the intriguingly named Top of Ecton before passing Manor House and then skirting the eastern edge of Wetton Hill.

This route led me into Wetton  and passing through I descended  towards Thor’s Cave. The walk from Wetton to Thor’s Cave took me along a track and then through a field which was a quagmire after weeks of rain. Lots of walkers footmarks and hoof marks from the cows that occupy the field were up to a foot deep on the browned track but a few days of dry weather made my crossing to the mouth of the cave much easier as I walked along the top of the crust without breaking it.

Then I made my way through a gate to the cave entrance. My first view of Thor’s Cave (find it on the Peak District OS Maps) were stunning. The entrance to the cave is wide and the top of the entrance about 30 feet high. Carefully I walked up a large angled rock into the cave and began my exploration. It was spectacular with a large main area. At the end were dark openings to my left which I explored. To the right there was an open gully which led to the outside. Could it be explored outside?

Curioity got the better of me and I walked through the narrow gap to the edge slowly and then stopped short of a sheer drop. It was a nasty moment, I suffer periodically from the fear of falling and this was such an occasion.  There was no exit to be had this way and I was feeling very insecure so I re-entered the cave and  I explored some more. I  stayed for a while inside Thor’s Cave and then left through the entrance from which I came. I then walked steeply down woodland steps back to Manifold valley, 214 in all, I counted them all. I ambled along the Manifold Way back to the car.

The walk only took three and a half hours but it was none the less enjoyable.  Daylight disappears quickly in Winter and with it the temperature drops. I drove into Ashbourne and joy of joy espied a fish and chip establishment open. Cod and chips smothered in salt and vinegar were just rewards for venturing outdoors on a November day. Wonderful!

If only the damn place was closer to home. Never mind, in three hours of motorway madness I’ll be home!

Best Karnataka Beach Honeymoon and Tamilnadu Beach Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon – the time when romance is in the air and the married couple feels them flying high in the air for love and love only. They prefer to plan some memorable holidays at some of the most fascinating destinations that are known for natural wonders. If you are planning to explore the real charm and the natural wonders during your honeymoon, then you have a better opportunity to enjoy at Karnataka beaches and Tamilnadu beaches. Beaches blessed with golden sand dunes, coconut trees and amazing cool breeze are sure to keep you enticed for the time to come and will surely persuade you to visit the destinations after your honeymoon. There are numerous prehistoric wonders too near beaches in Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Interesting thing is that you can explore both destinations in your own way and by getting the perfect package.

Honeymoon Tour Planner – The Right Place to Plan Memorable Karnataka Beach Honeymoon

As the honeymoon is the most memorable time of life, it is important to celebrate the romantic voyage in a memorable way. If you are planning to celebrate it at a place where you can witness the perfect combination of sun, sand and sea along with natural greenery and architectural wonders, then you have at the right point of celebrating Karnataka beach honeymoon. Certainly the beautiful south Indian state has a lot to explore. Honeymoon Tour Planner offers the attractive tour packages for the wonderful destination that will take you to some of the fascinated destinations and beaches in the state. Depending on your number of days planned to celebrate the romance in the air and your budget, this leading tour and travel company with specialization in honeymoon, offers tour packages for various days. You can go through the itinerary section of the e-platform of the travel agency to get more details. Here, day to day tour itineraries are provided to go through the details of the venues and day to day tour plan during your holidays in Karnataka.

In addition, you will also get some good chances of enjoying your Tamilnadu beach honeymoon. Tour packages or honeymoon tour packages offered by this renowned tour and travel company include pick and drop, sightseeing, multi-cuisine food, luxury accommodation in honeymoon suite and a lot more. For certain days, you will be treated like royal personality. Choice is yours; simply choose the right one and get the best quality amazing packages for memorable Karnataka beach honeymoon and Tamilnadu beach honeymoon.

Beach Camping in New Jersey

If you are planning to do a beachcamping in New Jersey, you get to experience the best of camping by the beach or in the woods. Instead of going to a hotel near the ocean, you may opt for a campsite that is a few minutes away from the beach. This adventure may give you a totally different kind of vacation you have never done before. Camping by the beach is, ideal, for New Jersey is home to over 70 miles of beautiful beaches upon which a good number allows camping. The place is not only attractive because of its pristine beaches, but also for its “country” feel.

That makes it a prime spot for camping enthusiasts and for those who loves to travel. Most of the sites for beach campsites in New Jersey are designed for families who are doing camping as a vacation bonding and so they offer many facilities. Some campsites are open only during the warmer months April to October, so you better call them earlier and make reservations, they may be fully packed by the time you visit. Camping is a part of the lifestyle of some people, especially if they want to relax and de-stress.

To make your beach campingamemorable one, make sure to consider a number of helpful suggestions. First, decide on a specific campsite where you want to go, because as you head to New Jersey, you may pass through many sites and attractions along the way. If you plan to stay in the north, Cheasequake State Park offers campgrounds for trailer and tent camping. If you come with a group, they will also accommodate you. From here you may be a few miles away from the northern beaches like Sea Bright and Sandy Hook. Also an excellent option is to stay in the Hartshorne County Park in Atlantic Highlands that offer cabins for group through the reservation. This place is a perfect destination if you would like have the best New Jersey view-a landscape of both the ocean and NY City skyline, and prepare for an unforgettable camping experience.

If you choose to stay on the south, try checking on the Bass River State Park in Tuckerton, New Jersey, which has an abundant offer for your campingneeds such as shelters, sheds, cabins and campsites. If your group or family is seeking for a more environmental adventure, you may try going to Brendan T. Byrne State Forest, in Pine Barrens. It boasts various tents and trailer campsites for groups, cabins and yurts. Staying on this site will have you experience the joy of nature camping through the wilderness and still head for the nearby beaches that are easily accessible in a few miles. This has been a favorite campsite for travel savvies and for those who considers camping and outdoor adventure as a part of their lifestyle.

Before heading for your choice campsite for an adventurous camping, make sure you complete all the equipment needed for your much awaited camping. Beach camping requires poles and tent anchors that are adaptable to the beach site. Tents should endure strong breeze of the ocean. Be sure to bring extra towels and trash bags for that sandy tent floor as you go in and out of your tent.

In Motion: Local Transport from Around the World

This autumn, The Travel Word team has been thinking a lot about transportation. All too often, tourist transit and local transport are two separate spheres in the same destination. They just don’t intersect. Tourists seek the comfort and convenience of flights, taxis or tourist bus services that have been developed with them in mind, while local people convey themselves using whatever resources are at hand, often the ones that have been in place for a long (and sometimes very long) time.

The toboggan in Monte, Madeira, Portugal

The Monte Toboggan on Portugal’s Madeira Island is just one of many ways locals have created to get from one place to another, ways that we believe are a vital part of a local travel experience

We believe that the different forms of local transport are unique qualities of a place that, when experienced, are a vital part of a local travel experience. To know a place is to get around it the way local people do: cramming yourself into a chicken bus in South America, throwing caution to the wind in a tuk-tuk in Southeast Asia or boarding a ferry in Africa. We dare you to give them a try! We’re sure you will find these rides to be a brilliant bonding experience with locals.

To inspire you… and in honour of our recent focus on local transport, we asked our network of local travel professionals all over the world to give us a glimpse of the best local conveyances in their destinations. Their responses are as varied as they are colourful – everything from trains and boats and buses to animal power and bicycles and three-wheeled wonders.

We’re pleased to present this gallery of the best of local transport inside the network.

The Travel Word is the online mouthpiece of the WHL Group and draws on a vast pool of ideas generated by local tour operators, partners, suppliers and more. Our blog – – showcases responsible, sustainable and local travel. We are committed to inspiring mindful and independent travellers headed off the beaten path with local businesses making responsible and sustainable decisions about their destinations. Through anecdotes, articles, profiles, opinion pieces and news, our local voices aim to inform travellers about unique and ethical ways to experience a destination, travel responsibly and help sustain the distinctive qualities of a place.

The Top Beach Getaways of Negros Occidental

The province of Negros Occidental is known for its vast tracts of sugarcane, the centuries-old haciendas and mansions of wealthy sugar barons, and its spectacular beaches and other natural wonders. If you got relatives there, you could perhaps ask them to bring you to the best dive spots and beaches there. But if it’s your first time to visit the place, make sure you hire a seasoned travel guide. To give you an idea of where to go, here’s a peek at the top beach getaways in Negros Occidental.

Nabulao Beach Resort

If you’d like to relax in a beach resort which features old-world Spanish-inspired cottages and structures, and is surrounded by immense natural beauty, then head to Nabulao Beach Resort in Barangay Talacagay, in the town of Hinoba-an. According to people who’ve been there a lot of times already, the resort offers a well-balanced mix of sorts – it’s wild yet tamed, strong yet subtle.

Here, you can soak up in the sun, and listen to the ripple of the waves. You could also choose to take a dip in the swimming pool or in the beach, ride a banana boat or jet ski and go island hopping. And to soothe tired muscles, you can head to the Jacuzzi afterwards.

Danjugan Island

One of the province’s best-kept secrets is Danjugan Island.  The island is a nature-lover’s paradise, as it has full, untouched mangrove forests, limestone forest caves, seagrass beds, coral reefs, placid lagoons and stretches of white-sand beaches. The island is managed by a non-government organisation called the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc.

According to people who frequent the island, the coral reefs here are in pristine condition, and are noted to rival even the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. This explains why lots of scuba and skin divers love exploring the reefs and natural wonders in this up-and-coming Philippine beach holidays destination.

Punta Bulata Resort & Spa

Located in the town of Cauayan, which is 154 kilometers south of Bacolod City, the capital of the province, Punta Bulata Resort & Spa is a resort that reflects the opulence, and laid-back lifestyle of the region’s wealthy sugar barons. Its one-kilometer stretch of white-sand beach offers guests a relaxing and exclusive respite, where they can spend quality time with friends and family.

The waters off Punta Bulata teem with aquatic life and lots of well-preserved coral reef formations.  What’s so nice is that the Danjugan Island Marine and Wildlife Reserve is just a relaxing 10-minute boat ride away!  Punta Bulata also has a wide array of accommodations to choose from, from relaxing spa rooms to well-appointed native Filipino nipa-hut cottages, all of which are just few steps away from the white-sand beach.

Lakawon Island

If you’d like to get away from the crowds, and feel a bit like you’re in Boracay, then head to Lakawon Island, which is just 5 minutes away from Cadiz City. The island is famed for its crystalline, blue waters, fine white sand beaches, and relaxing tropical feel.

And although there are no major resorts in the island, guests can still stay overnight by renting a handful of  modest air-conditioned and non-aircon cottages that are good for 4 to 8 persons, which range from P2,500 to P3,000. The island also serves as one of the major jump-off points for the different dive sites in Negros Island and Panay.

Punta Ballo Beach

Located in the town of Sipalay, Punta Ballo Beach is also one of the provinces top Philippines beach holiday destinations. The area features long stretches of fine white-sand beaches, and its waters are great for swimming, snorkelling and diving, as it teems with beautiful coral reef formations and ship wrecks.

The History of Public Transport in Vietnam

Until the end of 19th century, mandarins were carried in hammocks, officials rode in palanquins, horses were only used by postmen, and most common people were only able to travel by foot. I have read an article of Do Hung who traces the history of public transport in Vietnam?

Saigon-Colon was the first urban area to take shape, in 1862, with the arrival of French colonists. More than twenty years later, in 1884, it was Hanoi’s turn when both gravel and asphalt roads with a proper drainage system replaced old footpaths. Urban transport was born then, too. Those early years saw the appearance of caliches (coaches driven by two horses) which belonged to colonial civil and military officials. Others used a coachmen came from the French colonies in Africa.

In 1885, there was only one of each of these types in Hanoi; a macabre  belonging to Bishop Purifier who built Hanoi’s St Joseph’s Cathedral, and a rattan caliches owned by Lieutenant Colonel Henri Riviera. Things were different in Saigon, however, where there were 84 Melbas in 1868 and 449 of them by 1900. The Malabar was known by Saigonese as “the glass coach” (it had two large windows) and by the more popular name, “matchbox coach” due to its rectangular shape. Later on, a smaller but simpler coach appeared called the gig (or buggy) which could transport ten passengers and cargo on the roof at the same time, rapidly becoming the main means of transport in the city and between southern provinces.

After the Second World War, carts mushroomed in Saigon with thousands of them parking in the crowded market areas of Cau Muoi, Binh Tien and Cholon. Cart trading and repairing became a good business. Typical was Gay Freres’ establishment. He set up in 1879 at 34b and 36 Ls Grandiere road (now Ly Tu Trong Street).

The first so-called public transportation, a tramway pulled by three mules, was introduced to Hanoi in 1885. Not until 1912 did Hanoi get a real tramway running on rails and powered by electricity. The old tramway was powered by steam for years before this, and was in existence far longer than in the southern city. It ran right throughout the war. To make up for its slow speed, the tramway could carry bulky goods and costs little, which was suitable for small traders who accounted for a rather large proportion of the city’s population at that time. The clang sound of the tramway disappeared in 1985, leaving only nostalgia for the past for many city dwellers.

The rickshaw made its appearance in the late 19th century. Two were imported from Japan by Hanoi’s Mayor, Bonal, but the number had only increased to six by the time 395 of them were operating in Saigon. The average income of a coachman was one piaster per day, which was equal to the salary of a skilled worker. The rickshaw soon spread to almost all urban areas and was commonly used until the end of Second World War in 1945.

No one know who invented the country’s unique vehicle, in Saigon in the 1830s, it was called cyclo-push, a bicycle accompanied by a person carrying goods or passengers. Though simply designed, it could transport astonishing loads of goods and people to distance destinations. The cyclo-push gradually disappeared in urban areas, paving the way for the birth of the present pedicab, the cyclo.

After taking some time to establish itself in Hanoi, it quickly becomes widespread in the country’s cities. The cyclo had the advantage of being able to transport heavy and cumber some items and was very energy efficient. Between the 1950s and 1980s, it was the main means of transportation in Hanoi and Saigon.” Everyday, I would take my goods to market by cyclo, “says Mrs. Hoa, a 60 year old trader at An Dong market. According to Mr. Chu who has lived in Tran Quoc Thao Street, District 3, HCM City for about 70 years, cyclos were used to make leisurely trips around the city during Tet holiday.

It’s interesting that the cyclo design varies with locations. While Saigon’s cyclo is narrower and higher, the Hanoi version is lower and wider and carries two people comfortably. Hue’s version is a combination of the two, narrow and low, whereas the vehicle in Haiphong is longer and curvy, resembling a boat.

The invasion of power-driven vehicles started by 1930 with the introduction of the first car in Saigon. Rapid urbanization and the development of modern vehicles put the cyclo under threat. Today it is being banned from more and more streets, especially during rush hour. Its slowness and cumbersome shape obstructs traffic in city streets which are narrow and have high population density. Gradually. motorbikes and busses are replacing the cyclo.

Less in demand by commuters, cyclos have now become tourist attractions and a means of transport to a wedding. The sight of five cyclos following one another, each carrying an old and a young woman and a big red wooden box on their way to the bride’s house for the betrothal ceremony can still be seen during the wedding season. But the most important function of cyclos in Hanoi is as vehicles for tourists around the capital’s old quarter. Cyclo groups can be found outside many famous hotels and travel agents in the downtown area.

This unique three-wheel vehicle has had its day, and is now just a reminder of the rudimentary transport of the city’s past. It is indeed a living museum, still in working order and vivid on display.

Find Fort Myers Beach Condo Rentals And Plan A Perfect Vacation

Fort Myers considered as the entry point to southwest Florida, has turned out to be the most sensational vacation spot in recent time. This vacation destination has everything to offer. There are awesome beaches with soft white sand, colorful gardens and exotic wildlife to explore. And yes, the place has got some historical significance too which you realize on taking a tour of Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

There are no dearth of attractions and activities in Fort Myers with so many beaches to explore, shopping centers to visit, and wildlife to discover. This is the reason why the place keeps attracting every category of visitors be it couples on honeymoon, groups of friend or families with kids. The pristine coastline, mesmerizing barrier islands and overall serene ambiance of Ft Myers are reasons enough to entice tourists to keep returning to this place.

The uniqueness of Fort Myers vacation is that it can be thrilling yet soothing, full of activities and yet some quite moments to savor. Needless to say a trip of Ft Myers just can be planned for a day. You need at least a week or more to explore the beach destination in totality. While taking a stroll along the beach you can enjoy an awesome sunset as the glowing orange fades into a crimson hue. And as evening sets in you feel like going back to the quiet vacation home to enjoy your favorite drink or coffee with family.

In recent time, there is huge demand to find Fort Myers beach condo rentals  as there are many travelers who prefer to spend some quality time here, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The rental companies offer some exclusive deals to match requirements of different categories of tourists who choose Fort Myers beach as the vacation spot. Operating for over 30 years, they have expertise in planning the perfect Ft. Myers vacation by suggesting homes at your preferred location.

The rental companies operate quite flexibly in that tourists can find Fort Myers beach condo rentals for any duration, be it an entire week or just the weekend. There are around 175 vacation rental properties to choose from, which are privately owned by the company on Fort Myers Beach or Estero Island. Depending on your specific requirements and budget, you can opt for one-bedroom accommodation or 3-bedroom luxurious condos and homes. No matter what kind of stay option you pick up, be assured of all modern amenities.

A talk with the reservation coordinators would surely help if you are not very clear about the place and its best locations. The rental companies employ efficient tour planners who either live in Ft Myers or have in-depth knowledge about the place. Thus, they can accurately guide tourists to find Fort Myers beach condo rentals which are just stone throw away from the coastline. At the same time they keep the tourist’s budget and preferences in mind.

Karwar, a place where hills and sea all are seen together

About the town

Travelling as a hobby is common in these days among many people. Many of people make this thing their addiction too and they used to travel to different places whenever they get the chance. India is a country where tourism is a big industry to run because there are numerous places which brought up as a great place to visit all the time. Karwar is such a place and it is situated in district of Uttara Kannada in the state of Karnataka, India. This town is in the sea side which is on the Kali River’s banks on west coast of Indian peninsula. Karwar town is 519 km away in North West direction from the city Bangalore which is also the capital of Karnataka state and it lies nearly 15 km south from the Karnataka Goa border. The town has Western Ghats on one side and on the other side there is the sea and between these two Karwar is sandwichedand Kali River is west side flowing river of this town. This place is an overall hot place and even in winter temperature lowers hardly 24 degree Celsius. The main language of this town is Kannada and Konkani but Marathi language is also widely spoken and understood by the people of the town. This is a general concept about the place which should be necessary for the people to know when they are planning to travel in this town.

What to visit, eat etc. 

When people are planning to visit this town then for transportation they can choose railway because this place is connected with Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi, Delhi and many other places. Now when it comes to visit the places then there are no less of beautiful places to go from here. Because of the sea side town the beaches one can go are Devbagh Beach, Ravindranath Tagore Beach, Koodi Bagh Beach, Kaju Bagh Beach, Binaga Beach etc. Beside these beaches there are many other places like Shivaganga Falls, Sadashivgad Fort, Karwar Aquarium, Durga Temple, Warship Museum, Kurumgad Island and all such places or one can just hire a cycle and get out for an adventure tour with it in north Goa. Beside these Gansh Chaturthi is a big festival in there along with Dewali and festival of lights. After all such visits another activity is shopping that is usually done by the tourists. Shopping place like Cauvery Arts and Crafts Emporium which is on the Sayaji Rao Road where tourists can have inlay works, incense and toy of wooden, silk saries, carved sandalwood which is very famous in Karwar etc. and many other places like Devaraj Urs Road where silk shops are found and many other shopping places. Eating is another important thing and people like to eat foods of the places they travel and in this town sea food could be a good idea for all beside many other items. There are Parvati Fish Land, Swetha Lunch Home, Hotel Amrut, Swetha Lunch Home etc. are a few places to eat. For accommodation Karwar hotels are of wide range and from star to Karwar budget hotel everything can be the option.

Varadero’s Sandals Royal Hicacos Hotel Wins World Travel Award

The World Travel Awards has recognised the Sandals Royal Hicacos Hotel as a leading hotel in Cuba for the seventh time in a row.

Beautifully located on a tranquil and serene stretch of the famous Varadero Beach in the province of Matanzas, on the western coast of Cuba, the hotel offers a fantastic location for tourists enjoying beach Cuba holidays with the Varadero International Airport only 30 minutes away and downtown Varadero being just ten minutes away by car.

The luxury all inclusive hotel has 404 suites including one Presidential Suite and two Sandals Royal Suites, as well as an array of facilities including three freshwater swimming pools, four whirlpools, three tennis courts, squash courts, a mini basketball court, table tennis, a Sandals signature spa; and five gourmet restaurants.

Sandals Royal Hicacos resort

During Cuba holidays at the Sandals Royal Hicacos, guests can relax and be pampered at the hotel spa; work out at the modern fitness centre; or choose from fun-packed watersports including water skiing, banana boating, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling, pedal paddle boats, windsurfing and sailboat excursions.

Sandals Royal Hicacos Hotel stood out from other Varadero hotels at the World travel Awards 2011 because of its quality of services offered to guests, staff training, high security, and the kindness and team spirit of staff members.

The Director, Business Processes and Administration of Sandals Resorts International, Wayne Cummings, congratulated staff at the hotel and added that 225 000 travel agencies and professionals in the tourism industry voted for Sandals Royal Hicacos out of a wide selection of Cuba hotels in an annual survey.

Hailed as the “Oscars of the travel industry” by the global media, the World Travel Awards Caribbean & The Americas Ceremony honoured the destinations, hotels and organisations that have largely contributed to the Caribbean tourism industry sector over the past year.

Varadero looks set to welcome even more travellers who are visiting the coastal resort as American tourists are allowed to visit the Caribbean island legally for the first time in decades with the help of specialised tours and packages.

Earlier this year, President Obama relaxed restrictions on Cuba travel for American residents for religious, academic, educational, and cultural purposes or to conduct business within the medical and agricultural sectors.

Varadero beach

The new law has led to an increase in demand for charter flights to Cuba from U.S airports and new airports that are now allowed to operate charter flights to the communist nation include Tampa International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Dallas Fort Worth International, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International, O’Hare International in Chicago, Pittsburgh International, and San Juan Louis Munoz Marin International in Puerto Rico.

Services for Slab Leak Detection Myrtle Beach

Do you often hear the sound of running water in your home but cannot seem to locate the cause? Is your water bill persistently high and shows a huge deviation from your actual consumption? Is there a wet spot on your floor or wall which is unaccounted for? All problems generally point to one problem- a slab leak. A slab leak is basically the leakage of water under the slabs due to which it is hidden from the naked eye and rather difficult to detect. There might be a number of different reasons for slab leakage, the chief reason being the corrosion of the copper pipes which are used in plumbing. These pipes often get corroded over a period of time due to continuous contact with water, soil conditions etc. Due to this corrosion, some part of the pipes might get eroded away, forming a crevice for the water to leak into the house flooring. Sometimes, leakage can even occur due to bursting of pipes as a result of some natural phenomenon like lightning strikes, earthquakes etc.!

Now, what should one do when they face such a situation? Seek expert help of course! There are a number of services offering slab leak detection Myrtle Beach and slab leak detection Charleston SC. These agencies use state of the art equipment and a number of techniques for leak detection and take the necessary steps to mend it. There are a number of ways in which this can be done. The first technique is the one in which the plumber would break the concrete and then fix the underlying copper pipes. The second method is to detect the particular pipe which is leaking and then disconnect it from the rest of the piping system. Unfortunately, both of these are invasive techniques and result in some or the other form of damage to one’s house. To mitigate this problem a new method is uses epoxy restoration to fix the pipes. This method doesn’t require any form digging or destruction and is comparatively cheaper in the long run. However, this method is not possible for every kind of leak.

A person can find a number of agencies and companies providing slab leak detection Myrtle Beach and slab leak detection Charleston SC. One can simply go online and check for the company which offers the required services at the best possible prices. Experienced plumbers from that agency with makes a house call and provide the best possible solution. One must, however, keep in mind that only an efficient and experienced company should be hired for availing the best services.

Cancun Transportation Airport to Hotel: Reach Your Hotel Safely with Taxi

In Mayan language, Cancun has two meanings, first is place of golden snakes and the other is nest of snakes. The beauty of Cancun need not to mention, that’s why even year millions of visitors come to witness its enthralling beauty. It’s the best place to visit that offers complete blend of tropical climate and warm sea temperature to experience with. The real shopping centres, restaurants, clubs and markets are one stop destination to visit. During the peak seasons, the hotel fares and prices in travel fares increases accordingly. If you’re longing for luxury and good hotels in notable budget, you must accumulate the money in travel services.

Ways to catch a taxi from the airport to Cancun Hotel Zone:

This city offers best transportation facilities that offer optimum comfort and satisfaction. These days several transportation companies facilitate the passengers with several offers and discount on taxi services. Such taxis provide the excellent pick and drop services. When you land, they pick you from the airport and drop at desired hotel destinations conveniently and safely. It is quite easy to avail their services; you have to consider some facts as listed below:

Book online

You can book the taxi services online. Take the print out and carry it with you. When you land at the Cancun airport, all the transportation people will be present there. Look for the person holding Cancun Transportation Airport to Hotel. Show them your receipt, thus they call one of the waiting shuttles easy and quickly.

Explore the options

There are numerous companies exists to advance book a private or shuttle transfer from airport to your hotel. They are affordable and suits with your budget. It’s recommended to advance book a ride from airport to hotel, as the taxi would just try and rip you off as they know very well that you are on the airport. If you are first time traveller to Cancun, then do some research and then choose the transportation company that meet with your expectations.

Be careful

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Spectacular Cloud Sea Amazed Huangshan Tourists

Spectacular cloud sea scenery emerged on Mt. Huangshan at the dusk of November 17, 2010, providing a casual visual feast to tourists and photographers on the mountain.

Spectacular secenery of Huangshan cloud sea

A wine sun was sinking down into a rolling cloud sea, lingering with sunshine flickers on the vast sea which integrated with the sky in the far. With several towering peaks in the far and bizarre stones & pine trees in the near, visitors felt like traveling in a fairyland.


Fascinating cloud sea and sunset views

Benefited from the mountain’s unique geographical advantages, Huangshan earns itself a name “Home of Cloud & Mist”. The amazing scene of cloud sea often emerges in two periods in a year: June to September; November to March, especially after a rain or a snowfall. This time the wonder showed up short after a rain was over.

Huangshan, a fairyland on earth

According to the local weather forecast, Huangshan will be cloudy, with small mount rainfall, in the recent days. It means climatic conditions and a high probability to enjoy the incredible Sea Cloud of Huangshan.

Ancient scrolls of Chinese landscape paintings of high mountains, ancient pines, bizarre rocks, and seas of clouds come alive at Huangshan Mountain in southern Anhui Province. Recently listed on UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, Huangshan Mountain is a testament to the beauty that only nature can create. As beautiful as Huangshan Mountain is, there is much more to offer visitors than just the mountain. Nearby Huangshan City, and the ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi are not to be missed sites on anyone’s itinerary to China. The ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi have both been listed on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List. Most noteworthy is the way that these two villages has been beautifully preserved offering visitors a glimpse into what China was like during the late Qing Dynasty.